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Things to Do on the Disney Wish: Onboard Activities

Disney Wish is the newest Disney cruise ship available for sailing right now. It launched in June 2022 and is approaching its second year of service! The Disney Wish is a Triton-class ship and, currently, is the largest Disney cruise ship in the fleet, measuring 1,119 feet long and 128 feet wide. The Disney Wish can accommodate up to 4,000 passengers, and there are plenty of daily activities on the ship to entertain every one of those guests!

Unfortunately, the Disney Wish only offers 3-night and 4-night sailings, making it challenging to fully enjoy every activity, bar, lounge, or experience. However, it keeps you wanting to come back to explore it all! This blog post will delve into all the onboard activities you can enjoy during your voyage!


Disney Cruise Fun Facts:

The Disney Magic cruise ship sailing in the ocean

- The first-ever Disney cruise ship was the Disney Magic, launched in 1998.
- The Disney Treasure is being built and will launch in December 2024. It will be the Disney Wish's sister ship.
- There are two more Disney cruise ships in the line-up set to sail in 2025.


Character Meet and Greets

The main difference between other cruise lines and Disney Cruise Line (DCL) is that you will be sailing with your favorite Disney characters! While onboard, you can meet Captain Minnie, Captain Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, and some of your other favorite characters!

DLT! with Captain Minnie Mouse

The lines for the meet and greets tend to start before the time listed on the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App, and if you want to be guaranteed to see that character, you should be in line before the start time or shortly after. Depending on the popularity of that character and their outfit dictates when they close the line.

Royal Gathering 

The Royal Gathering is an opportunity for DCL guests to meet all of the princesses onboard at the same time in the same place. It is a separately ticketed event, but it is one of the few that is free of charge! You can get tickets for this event in the "Onboard Fun" section of the app 30 days before your sailing! You will want to be on the app at midnight since tickets sell out fast!

DLT! with Rapunzel

Some of the princesses you can meet include Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel, Tiana, and Moana. The princesses at the Royal Gathering are different on each sailing, so it is always a fun surprise to see who could join on your adventure! If you cannot get a reservation before sailing, visit the Guest Services Desk onboard to be placed on the wait list or inquire about any cancellations.

Kids Clubs

The Disney Cruise Line ships all offer kids clubs for your children aged 3 - 17 to enjoy free of charge! These include the Oceaneer Club for elementary-aged kids (3 - 10), Edge for middle schoolers (11 - 14), and Vibe for high schoolers (14 - 17). Please note that age groups may vary. These kids' clubs will keep your kiddos entertained all day with interactive elements, games, and lots of new friends! 

The great part about the kids' clubs is that there are a few open house hours throughout the sailing, where anyone can come in to enjoy the experience! This is perfect for parents who want to join their kids on their fun adventure, adults who want to play video games at Edge or Vibe, and those on the cusp of the other age group who want to see what the other location is doing. 

If you have infants or children who are not potty trained, there is an onboard nursery ($) called "it's a small world" nursery! At the nursery, skilled Disney counselors offer top-notch care and entertainment for children aged six months to 3 years (1 to 3 years on select itineraries). Parents can relax knowing that activities such as movie time, storytime, and arts and crafts will keep their little ones engaged.

With the convenience of discreetly checking on your child through a window into the main play area, you can explore the ship worry-free. Due to limited space, it is advisable to book early, either during the open house on Embarkation Day or throughout the cruise. The nursery charges around $9 per hour per child. 

Pirate Night

Pirate Minnie Mouse at the Pirate Deck Party on Pirate Night

Pirate Night is Disney Cruise Line's themed night with various Pirate activities throughout the evening. Dress up in your best pirate gear to be ready for a buccaneer bash! You will get to enjoy pirate-themed trivia and games and meet your favorite Disney characters in their Pirate outfits! There is also a Pirate Deck Party before dinner where Captain Minnie, Captain Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, and other Pirate Friends try to save the ship from being taken over by Captain Hook. 

On 4-night sailings, Pirate Night dawns a different menu at each of the main dining rooms. You will experience a pirate-themed dining adventure, where servers greet you with "Ahoy matey!" and "Arrr!" The menu on Pirate Night resembles a treasure map, featuring dishes like Jolly Rogers Barbecue Rib Salad and Pirates Gold-en Pot Stickers. On 3-night cruises, you will not experience this change in menu or theme - your main dining room will continue as normal. You are still welcome to come to dinner in your pirate gear!

Pool deck during Pirate Night on the Disney Wish with a skeleton on the biggest screen of Funnel Vision

Specifically on the Disney Wish, guests of all ages can enjoy live music, thrilling stunts, and surprises on the upper decks. Led by Captain Redd and her crew, including a surprise appearance from Captain Jack Sparrow, the show features hit songs and a fireworks display set to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.

Broadway-Style Shows

Experience the magic of Broadway-style entertainment aboard Disney ships, where you will find three captivating shows in the evening. On the Disney Wish, immerse yourself in "Disney Seas the Adventure," where Captain Minnie Mouse passes the helm to Goofy. Delight in "Disney The Little Mermaid," a unique adaptation of the beloved film, reimagined for the stage. Then, journey to Agrabah with "Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular," where the Genie and iconic characters come to life in a laughter-filled production.

First-Run Movies

Movie projector in a dark room

Onboard the Disney Wish are two movie theaters, Wonderland and Neverland Cinema. At both locations, you will find first-run movies playing every day of your sailing. During our sailing, they were playing The Marvels and Wish, which were released in theaters two months prior! These theaters also play older Disney movies for your viewing pleasure.

Disney Cruise Tip: You can purchase popcorn ($) to enjoy before your movie and grab soft drinks from the pool deck to enjoy as well! If you were to ask for a drink at the movie concession stand, you would be charged as they are the canned version. 

Other Disney Movies

Pool deck - you can see funnel vision, part of the Aqua Mouse, the other water slide, pool chairs, and a little bit of a pool

At the pool deck on the Disney Wish, you will encounter Funnel Vision, which plays older Disney movies for you to enjoy while you are laying out catching some rays or taking a dip in the pools. Funnel Vision consists of one big screen in the middle with three smaller wide screens lined up on the bottom. We saw them playing Moana, Finding Nemo, The Muppets, and Brave!

Pools, Water Slides, Splash Pad, and the Adults-Only Section

On the pool deck a partial image of Funnel Vision, but you can see the AquaMouse slide and the Slide-a-Saurus Rex slide a little bit. There are also pool chairs in the bottom

The Disney Wish offers a plethora of aquatic delights, featuring small pools like Mickey's, Minnie's, Daisy's, and Pluto's on its upper decks. For adults seeking tranquility, the Quiet Cove Pool area on Deck 13 boasts an infinity pool, hot tub, bar, and lounge. 

Toy Story Splash Zone on the Disney Wish

Thrill-seekers can experience the AquaMouse, a captivating interactive water coaster spanning the ship - featuring show scenes, lighting, and special effects. Additionally, the Slide-a-saurus Rex provides exhilarating twists and turns within the Toy Story Splash Zone, a whimsical water playground complete with water jets, bubblers, and geysers. 

Bars and Lounges 

The Wish offers a diverse array of bars and lounges, each with its own unique theme, layout, drinks ($), and ambiance. Whether you are seeking a breezy retreat or an immersive experience, there is something to suit every taste aboard.

- Currents: Perched on Deck 13, this open-air bar offers stunning sea views and a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a cocktail while soaking in the scenery.

- Cove Cafe: Escape to laid-back sophistication at this adults-only retreat, offering specialty coffee and drinks throughout the day, as well as evening cocktails and socializing opportunities.

Sign at the entrance of Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge

- Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge: Embark on an intergalactic journey in this immersive lounge, where signature cocktails and interactive experiences transport you to the iconic destinations of the Star Wars universe.

- Keg & Compass: Step into the swashbuckling ambiance of this Old World pub, where adventurous spirits and curated drinks await amidst intricate nautical decor. Guests can also catch live sports, news, and major broadcast events while indulging in their favorite beverages.

- Nightingale's: Transport yourself to a fairytale world in this dreamy piano bar, where smooth drinks and enchanting melodies create a romantic atmosphere inspired by Cinderella's classic song.

- The Rose: Indulge in luxury at this elegant lounge, where plush seating, panoramic views, and high-end drinks create the perfect setting for a pre-dinner aperitif or post-dinner nightcap.

- Luna: From family-friendly fun during the day to dazzling adult-exclusive entertainment at night, Luna offers a versatile experience with its twinkling lounge and in-house bar.

DLT! in The Bayou on the Disney Wish

- The Bayou: Experience the warmth of Southern hospitality in this inviting bar, where spirited cocktails and live music set the stage for a magical evening inspired by the enchanting world of The Princess and the Frog.

Beverage Tastings ($)

Indulge your taste buds in a delightful journey of discovery with Beverage Tastings aboard Disney Cruise Line. From wine to beer, spirits, and more, these informative seminars offer an array of sampling experiences tailored to diverse preferences. Using the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App, guests can book tastings to explore the intricacies of Italian Amari drinks, bourbon complexities, tropical delights like Mojito & Caipirinha, and even attend a mixology class to master the art of crafting cocktails.

Arts and Crafts

3D Captain Minnie and Captain Mickey arts and crafts

During our sailing, there was at least one arts and crafts session each day! We were provided with the supplies and had about 30 to 45 minutes for each craft, although we were welcome to continue on our crafts once the cast member left. Some sessions included coloring pages, but most of the arts and crafts sessions were creating 3-D art. 

3D Disney Wish craft we made during arts and crafts time on the Disney Wish

We cut out and folded a model Disney Wish ship, Captain Minnie, Captain Mickey, Flounder, and my favorite, Pascal! The cast member who helped us create Pascal also gave us magnets to make him into a shoulder pal, which went perfectly with my Rapunzel bounding dress! 

Game Shows

Experience a daily lineup of entertaining game shows aboard the Disney Wish, featuring a variety of activities such as Trivia, Karaoke, and the hilarious Match Your Mate (18+). Test your knowledge with trivia sessions covering topics from Disney villains to theme songs and 70's music, or showcase your vocal talents with karaoke for all ages.

For adults seeking laughs, Match Your Mate offers a comical twist on the classic newlywed game format, providing entertainment and laughter for both contestants and audience members alike.


DLT! wearing headphones on different channels at the Silent Disco at Luna on the Disney Wish

The Disney Wish offers a Nightclub experience in the Luna Lounge, catering to adults aged 18 and older. While a regular club night is available most nights, our favorite night was during the adults-only silent disco. Guests aged 18 and older can enjoy dancing and singing along to music played through wireless headphones, with various channels available to choose from.

This innovative concept creates an immersive and enjoyable atmosphere where attendees can select their preferred tunes and dance the night away, all while the room remains silent to those without headphones.

Hero Zone

Hero Zone with foosball, basketball, and more

The Hero Zone aboard the Disney Wish offers a climate-controlled indoor sports area on deck 12 aft, perfect for the whole family. This popular spot features basketball courts, corn hole, air hockey, ping pong, and foosball, providing endless entertainment for guests of all ages. 

When not transformed into a training ground for Supers, the Hero Zone hosts friendly competitions in basketball, soccer, and various tabletop games. Guests can also enjoy game-show-style competitions and the adorable Jack-Jack’s Incredible Diaper Dash, where tots compete for the title of Diaper Dash Champion amidst cheers and laughter from family and friends.


At the Hero Zone on the Disney Wish, guests can tackle the thrilling Incredi-Course, an inflatable obstacle course inspired by the dynamic powers of the Parr family and Frozone. Participants, who must be at least 40 inches tall and wear socks, can test their strength, speed, and stamina alongside their families. 

Incredi-Course, an inflatable obstacle course inspired by the Incredibles and Frozone

Each obstacle on the course, including Mr. Incredible’s Power Punch and Violet’s Force Field Swing, offers a unique challenge amidst high-energy music. Incredi-Course is an exclusive opportunity to challenge your friend or loved one on this inflatable obstacle course available only during Nassau port days. 

Senses Fitness Center

Guests aboard the Disney Wish can stay active and energized at the Senses Fitness Center, a fully equipped workout facility offering top-of-the-line weight machines and leading-edge cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills and ellipticals. Whether it is joining classes for aerobics, yoga, or Pilates instruction (based on availability) or opting for personal training sessions (extra charge applies), there are plenty of options to cater to individual fitness needs and preferences.

Senses Spa ($), Untangled Salon ($), and Hook's Barbery ($)

At Senses Spa aboard the Disney Wish, guests can indulge in tranquility with various spa treatments. Relax in the Rainforest - an indoor sanctuary featuring heated lounges, fountains, and aromatherapy steam rooms - or bask in the refreshing outdoor pools under specially designed canopies. 

Sun from Tangled at the Oceaneer's Club

Untangled Salon offers high-end treatments inspired by Rapunzel, including hairstyling, in a light and airy space adorned with Tangled-themed decorations. 

Meanwhile, Hook’s Barbery provides upscale grooming services in a salon reminiscent of Captain Hook’s private quarters on the Jolly Roger. Guests can enjoy hairstyling, nail, and skin care treatments, as well as exclusive whiskey, bourbon, and rum tastings for adults aged 21 and older.

Shopping ($)

On board the Disney Wish, guests can enjoy a diverse shopping experience with duty-free options once sailing in international waters. From swimwear and graphic tees at Dory's Forget Me Knots to luxury bags and OMEGA watches at Royal Regalia, there is something for everyone. Indulge in hand-scooped gelato and other sweets at Inside Out: Joyful Sweets or explore high-end collections from brands like Cartier and Panerai at Once Upon a Time. 

For those seeking timepieces, 3 Wishes offers selections from Breitling, Hublot, and TAG Heuer. Additionally, Treasures Untold presents designer fragrances, handbags, watches, and exclusive Disney Wish collectibles. Do not forget to visit Mickey’s Mainsail for specially-designed Disney Cruise Line merchandise, costumes, and accessories, ensuring a memorable shopping experience for all guests.

Kiss Goodnight at Midnight in the Atrium

Each night, exclusively on the Disney Wish, guests can experience the enchanting "Kiss Goodnight" event in the lobby atrium at midnight. As Cinderella's song "So This Is Love" fills the air, sung by Ilene Woods, the atrium lights up in a magical display. When the clock strikes midnight, chimes signal the end of the night, accompanied by Cinderella's voice announcing, "It's midnight!" The lights gently fade out, marking the conclusion of this memorable nightly celebration.

Disney Wish Walking Ship Tour

A Mural of the Disney Wish with intricate rooms painted on depicting what is found on each deck

Guests aboard the Disney Wish can embark on the "Walking the Wish" guided tour, an exploration of the ship's storytelling and innovative technology. To participate, guests can check the availability on the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App upon boarding. This complimentary one-hour tour, led by a knowledgeable cast member, offers insights into various ship features not typically highlighted, making it a unique and educational experience during the cruise.

Disney Uncharted Adventure

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Disney Uncharted Adventure, an interactive experience utilizing augmented reality and physical effects on the Disney Cruise Line. Led by Captain Minnie, guests journey across the sky to restore the Wishing Star's magic, exploring iconic Disney and Pixar locales such as Never Land and Moana’s Motunui. 

With the Navigator app, transform your mobile device into a magical spyglass, unveiling hidden constellations and immersing yourself in the action. Join Tiana to cook gumbo, summon Tinker Bell, and interact virtually with beloved characters. Conclude your adventure with the live finale, the Battle for the Wishing Star, creating unforgettable memories with family and friends.

Olaf’s Royal Picnic ($)

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Olaf's Royal Picnic aboard the Disney Wish, a magical summer celebration for children aged 3 to 12. Hosted in the beautiful Arendelle Castle, this unique picnic experience features beloved Frozen characters like Olaf, Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff, as part of the Nordic Midsummer Festivals. Guests are greeted with a sunflower-filled indoor meadow and treated to summertime melodies, treats, and merriment. 

Olaf, Oaken and live performers on stage at Arendelle

Indulge in fresh finger sandwiches, refreshing beverages, and a delightful assortment of desserts while creating unforgettable memories. This specially priced experience includes keepsake gifts for every child, ensuring a memorable and joyous summer celebration in the heart of Arendelle Castle. On the other Disney cruise ships, you will find a variation of this picnic called the Royal Tea Party.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique ($)

Embark on an enchanting journey at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, where children are transformed into princesses, knights, or sea captains with themed costumes, styling, and accessories. With the wave of a magic wand and the expertise of Fairy Godmother’s Apprentices, kids undergo a stunning makeover fit for a royal ball or a daring adventure. 

From elegant princess gowns to valiant knight armor, the boutique offers packages tailored to every child's storybook fantasy, ensuring magical memories that will last happily ever after. Plus, for those seeking swashbuckling fun, the Pirates League at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique adds an extra layer of adventure, perfect for Pirate Night festivities.

Unlimited Eating

Indulge in a culinary adventure aboard the Disney Wish with unlimited dining options to satisfy every craving. Start your day with breakfast and lunch at Marceline Market, or enjoy a sit-down breakfast in one of the main dining rooms. Throughout the day, savor the diverse culinary offerings at the Festival of Foods! For dinner, experience exquisite meals in the main dining rooms. 

Additionally, adults can elevate their dining experience with specialty restaurants ($) like Palo and Enchanté, offering delectable cuisine at an extra cost. You could also explore specialty items available at various bars and lounges ($), such as beignets in The Bayou and sweet treats at Joyful Sweets ($). With 24/7 room service, you will never have to worry about going hungry during your cruise adventure.

Wishing you a Magical Time!

Sail Away Party indoors due to the rain with Captain Minnie, Captain Mickey, and their friends

Embarking on a journey aboard the Disney Wish promises an unforgettable experience filled with magic, adventure, and endless entertainment. From character meet and greets to Broadway-style shows, beverage tastings, and thrilling activities like the AquaMouse and Hero Zone, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Indulge in delectable dining options, pamper yourself at the spa, or embark on interactive adventures like Disney Uncharted Adventure. With impeccable service, enchanting experiences, and so many onboard activities, the Disney Wish sets sail as the epitome of family-friendly luxury and entertainment, ensuring memories that will last a lifetime for guests of all ages! 

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