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Pupusas, Mexican Food, and Desserts - Food near Dinosaur World

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

A couple of weeks ago, we explored Dinosaur World together! We learned about everything you can find and do while inside the park. However, in the "What is there to eat at Dinosaur World?" section, we discovered that they do not have any food services within the park, and there are no food establishments right at that exit (17 on I-4). As such, I have curated this blog for those interested in visiting Dinosaur World and wanting to go out to eat during your time there or after you leave.

Pupuseria Flor

Address: 3705 W Baker St, Plant City, FL 33563 (2.5 Miles from Dinosaur World)
2 Pupusas Revueltas from Pupuseria Flor with a Cabbage Slaw that contains carrots and jalapeños in Plant City, Florida
A pupusa is a Central American stuffed tortilla. Mexican tortillas are flat, skinny, and made out of flour or corn, but a Central American tortilla is thicker and made from cornmeal. A pupusa can be stuffed with many things, like cheese, beans, pork, and/or chicken. At Pupuseria Flor, they have various Pupusas options like chicken with cheese, beans with cheese, pork with cheese, squash with cheese, and a revuelta which is pork, cheese, and beans (you can also ask for a chicken revuelta which substitutes the pork for chicken). They are all made fresh to order which is our favorite part when it comes out hot and fluffy! As an aside, Pupuseria Flor is a shack in front of Plaza Mexico which is the next recommendation I want to share with you.

Plaza Mexico

Address: 3705 W Baker St, Plant City, FL 33563 (2.5 Miles from Dinosaur World)
Plaza Mexico and Pupuseria Flor share the same outdoor seating area. Due to that, for Pupuseria Flor, you order at the window. However, for Plaza Mexico, you would wave at or notify a server to come to your table. Plaza Mexico sells typical Mexican food like tacos, flautas, tortas, and quesabirria tacos - yum! The tortas are huge, the pineapple juice is fresh and tasty, and the quesabirria tacos are delicious! We enjoy the Plaza Mexico and Pupuseria Flor set up just in case we want both pupusas and Mexican. Our favorite combination at these two places is the pupusas and quesabirria tacos - a perfect combo for cheese lovers!

Parkesdale Farms

Address: 3702 W Baker St, Plant City, FL 33563 (2.5 Miles from Dinosaur World)
A Strawberry Sundae and Strawberry Milkshake at Parkesdale Farm with the Strawberry Throne in the background in Plant City, Florida
Pupuseria Flor and Plaza Mexico are directly in front of Parkesdale Farms - talk about easy access! You may have heard of or visited Parkesdale Farm because of their Famous Strawberry Shortcake. Unfortunately, the Strawberry Shortcakes are only available during strawberry season, and the last day to purchase a Strawberry Shortcake was this past Saturday, 4/8/23, until the next strawberry season. However, I am here to tell you about their Strawberry Milkshakes and Strawberry Sundaes! Oh my, they are AMAZING and refreshing on a hot day. These are our go-to when we visit Parkesdale, and they never let us down! We also discovered that Parkesdale sells vanilla and chocolate milkshakes when it is not strawberry season - we can't wait to try them. I've also seen them do Peach Milkshakes during Peach Season, so check out their Facebook to see what's going on whenever you plan to visit!
Parkesdale Farms does not offer food like a restaurant, instead, they have desserts. Although this farm is known for its sweets, they are also a produce market and plant shop. You can purchase fruits and veggies from Parkesdale Farms along with various plants and flowers. These components are well-integrated and make your experience even better! With that, their plant shop creates a beautiful garden area filled with picnic benches to enjoy your treats. In the back center of this garden is a Strawberry Throne you can sit on and take pictures with - it's super cute! They even have a regular market where you can purchase souvenirs like shirts, postcards, magnets, and gift baskets. You will also find jams, jellies, Strawberry loaf, Strawberry Cookies, and their famous Parkesdale Farm Shortcake mix.

Exit 19 on I-4

The three above locations are only in Plant City, which makes them a unique experience! However, if you are looking for an "old-reliable" place to eat, hop on I-4 East, head toward Exit 19, and turn right. There are plenty of places to eat on that exit, like McDonald's, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Waffle House, Applebee's, Carrabba's, Outback, and Mr. & Mrs. Crab. (Although, Mr. & Mrs. Crab is more of a Florida chain rather than the others who are all over the country.) There is also a Publix on that exit if you want a Pub Sub or salad.

Happy Eating!

Although Dinosaur World and its exit don't have any food establishments, there are plenty of options about 3 miles away! Pupuseria Flor for Pupusas Revueltas and Parkesdale Farms for a Strawberry Milkshake and/or Strawberry Sundae are our favorites of the above listing - we tend to visit both of them often. We hope you enjoy at least one of the above options and are fully prepared for your visit to Dinosaur World! Have you been to Pupuseria Flor, Plaza Mexico, or Parkesdale Farms? Let us know in the comments below! If you have not when you do, make sure to share your experience on social media and tag us on our Dale, Let's Travel! pages. Speaking of social media... do not forget to follow us! 😊

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*This article is not sponsored by any of the above-mentioned businesses or their affiliates.*

P.S. You can visit these food establishments without going to Dinosaur World - we do it all the time! They are too good to not.


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