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Howdy, Partner! Rustle Up Your Appetite, we are Exploring Disney's Roundup Rodeo BBQ

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

On March 23, 2023, Disney's Hollywood Studios opened Roundup Rodeo BBQ in Toy Story Land. So, for its one-month (and a day) "anniversary," we are giving you the inside scoop on everything you need to know for your visit! Giddy up, Partner - it's time to explore!

What is Roundup Rodeo BBQ?

Bo Peep and her sheep Billy, Goat, and Gruff with a hidden taco underneath them at Roundup Rodeo BBQ
Roundup Rodeo BBQ is a western-themed restaurant set up by Andy, where you will walk in and become one of his toys. It is impeccably detailed in there, filled with Toy Story characters, 14 hidden Mickeys, 2 hidden Oswalds, and 2 hidden tacos. Roundup Rodeo BBQ is an "All-You-Care-to-Enjoy" BBQ fare table-service restaurant served family-style - it is not a character dining experience. Family-style implies that platters of food are brought to your table, and you scoop out what you want from them rather than being served a plate of food from a list of menu entrees.

How much is it?

Zurg amongst all the décor at Roundup Rodeo BBQ
The pricing is the same for Lunch or Dinner. Adults are $45 a person, and Children (ages 3 - 9) are $25 per child. This price includes bread service, salads, the meat platter and/or plant-based "meat" platter, sides, desserts, fountain drinks, and iced tea. On the other hand, this pricing does not include the Lil' Rider Refreshments, any alcoholic beverage, tax, or gratuity.

How do I get in?

More decor at Roundup Rodeo BBQ. There is detail in every corner all attributed to Toy Story
The three most important pieces on getting into Roundup Rodeo BBQ are having a confirmed dining reservation at the restaurant, a valid park ticket to Hollywood Studios that day, and a theme park reservation for Hollywood Studios on the day of your dining reservation. All three of these are needed for each guest in your party. (With Disney's new Annual Passholder policy that commenced on April 18, 2023, APs do not need a park reservation for Hollywood Studios after 2 pm.) Another way you could possibly enjoy Roundup Rodeo BBQ is by being added to the walk-up waitlist. I suggest going as early as possible to check in for the best chance of being seated.

Now, let's talk about the menu!

 Roundup Rodeo BBQ menu front and back

Bread Service

The Prospector’s Homemade Cheddar Biscuits at Roundup Rodeo BBQ
For bread service, they had The Prospector’s Homemade Cheddar Biscuits with Sweet Pepper Jelly. I LOVED the biscuits. I am not a cheddar biscuit person, but those were my favorite since they were more biscuit than cheddar but had just the right amount of cheese for me! The Sweet Pepper Jelly was interesting. I preferred the aftertaste more than the initial impact of the sauce on my tongue.


There are three different salads that they bring to your table. Our favorite was Rex’s Romaine and Kale Salad - it contained apples, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and green goddess dressing. We did not think we would care for this one, but it was a great salad that encouraged us to make more salads at home! They also had a Rootin’ Tootin Tomato Salad, which included tomatoes, cucumbers, pickled red onion, and white balsamic vinaigrette. Lastly, they had Wheezy’s Watermelon Salad - this one was fresh-cut watermelon with fresh-torn mint on top.

Meat Platter

Meat platter consisting of Evil Dr. Smoked Ribs, Buttercup's Beef Brisket, There’s a Sausage in my Boot - Fire-grilled Pork Sausage, and BBQ Chicken - with Style! at Roundup Rodeo BBQ
The meat platter consists of Evil Dr. Smoked Ribs, Buttercup's Beef Brisket, There’s a Sausage in my Boot - Fire-grilled Pork Sausage, and BBQ Chicken - with Style! The ribs and brisket were our absolute favorites. The ribs were delicious on their own but enhanced with the sauces. On the other hand, the brisket needed the sauce, but with the sweet sauce, it was AMAZING!
Cedar Plank Saloon Salmon available upon request at Roundup Rodeo BBQ
There was also Cedar Plank Saloon Salmon available upon request. It was not our favorite, but we liked seeing it on the menu for those looking for a fish option when eating BBQ.

Plant-Based "Meat" Platter

Rip Roarin’ Rib Chop from Trixie's Plant-based Trio at Roundup Rodeo BBQ
Trixie's Plant-based Trio consisted of Combat Carloflower with Harissa Drizzle and Walnut Gremolata, Scrumptious Bratwurst, and Rip Roarin’ Rib Chop. We do not typically eat plant-based "meats;" however, we tried the Rip Roarin’ Rib Chop and were not a fan. Once again, we were happy to see this option for those on a plant-based diet, but it was not for us.


Campfire-roasted Vegetable, Slinky Doooooooooog's Mac & Cheese, Cowpoke Corn on the Cob, and Mean Old Potato Salad from Roundup Rodeo BBQ
They had eight sides to choose from. When you initially order, you pick four sides for them to bring to your table. Since this is "All-You-Care-to-Enjoy" you can order the other four sides once you have received the first round. The sides are:
- Campfire-roasted Vegetable
- These were standard
- Slinky Doooooooooog's Mac & Cheese - with crushed-up Goldfish on top
- We were so excited about this one, but it fell short for us as it barely had any cheese. It could have been our batch because we have seen other pictures and videos where it was loaded with cheese
- Cowpoke Corn on the Cob - grilled street corn
- We enjoyed the corn itself, but they put a little too much cotija cheese on our bunch
- Mean Old Potato Salad - made with homestyle red-skinned potatoes
- This one was pretty good
The Married Spuds at Roundup Rodeo BBQ
- The Married Spuds - loaded potato barrels
- The tater tots we got were over-seasoned, but they tasted fresh, not like the ones you get frozen at the grocery store
- Buckin’ Baked Beans
- We did not get the chance to try these, but instead of having ham or bacon inside, it has jackfruit making it a plant-based side
Force Field Fried Pickles at Roundup Rodeo BBQ
- Force Field Fried Pickles
- They are pickle spears, so it was too much pickle for the breading, but the breading was delicious. We would have preferred for them to use that breading for cheese sticks instead
- Veggie Slaw
- We also did not get the chance to try these, but we have heard it to be standard in the cole slaw realm


Bo’s Lemon and Blueberry Cheesecake, Billy’s Chocolate Silk Pie, Goat’s Apple Pie, Gruff’s Peach-Strawberry Pie, and Cupcake à la Forky from Roundup Rodeo BBQ
Although the menu says to select one dessert per guest, we noticed the servers brought all five dessert options to the tables. Do not worry, they are mini desserts, so it is possible to try them all! They had:
- Bo’s Lemon and Blueberry Cheesecake - it was nice and refreshing
- Billy’s Chocolate Silk Pie - seems to use dark chocolate, but it was good
- Goat’s Apple Pie - not too much of a fan that it was cold
- Gruff’s Peach-Strawberry Pie - this one was delicious
- Cupcake à la Forky - this is the kids' dessert consisting of gooey chocolate cake, graham cracker, buttercream, and a Forky sugar cookie on top
Cupcake à la Forky in the foreground and Trixie and Jessie in the background
Cupcake à la Forky was our favorite dessert on its lonesome. However, I combined Billy’s Chocolate Silk Pie and Gruff’s Peach-Strawberry Pie, and that was SO GOOD - it was almost like a chocolate-covered strawberry dessert.


Beverages part of the menu at Roundup Rodeo BBQ

Included Drinks

They have fountain drinks, unsweetened iced tea, sweet iced tea, and peach iced tea. For the kids, they also had low-fat milk and DASANI® Bottled Water.

"Lil' Rider Refreshments"

There were three drinks for purchase for $6.50 each. These were:
- Molly’s Frozen Iced Tea, Frosty blend of Iced Tea and Citrus flavors
- Frozen Cowpoke Cocoa, Frozen Cocoa, and Minute Maid® Vanilla Smoothie topped with Mini Marshmallows
- Partysaurus Tex, Minute Maid® Premium Lemonade, and Strawberry Puree garnished with Gummy Candy

"Grown-up Drinks with Alcohol"

They had six options for the grown-ups ranging from $14.50 - $16.50! Make sure to check out the menu for more details, but the names of each drink were Grown-up’s Peanut Butter & Jelly, The Rodeo Mule, Whinnyin’ Whiskey Lemonade, Snake Eye Margarita, Grown-up’s Iced Chocolate & Rum, and Rattler Rum Punch. They also serve beer, hard cider, and wine - these range from $8 - $13.
Jessie and Trixie at Roundup Rodeo BBQ

Yee-Haw, are you ready to try out Roundup Rodeo BBQ for yourself?

DLT! being goofy at the entrance of Roundup Rodeo BBQ in front of a big SHERIFF badge while on two horse head sticks while waving their arms around as if they were swinging a lasso
If you, your significant other, your kids, or anyone in your party love Toy Story, this is a must-visit restaurant! Although it is difficult to get a dining reservation since the restaurant is new, do not lose hope! Some people have a reservation but cancel for whatever reason, allowing you to snag up their spot.

Have you enjoyed a meal at Roundup Rodeo BBQ? Let us know in the comments below! If you haven't when you do, make sure to share your experience on social media and tag us on our Dale, Let's Travel! pages. Speaking of social media... don't forget to follow us! 😊

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*This article is not sponsored by Disney or its affiliates.*
**The above information is from our experience at Roundup Rodeo BBQ in March 2023. Menu items and prices are subject to change. This article is only to be used for educational and entertainment purposes.**

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