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What to Expect at Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

Welcome to the captivating world of Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, where the magic of filmmaking comes alive! Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, California, this immersive journey invites you behind the scenes of one of the busiest working studios, offering an exclusive peek into the secrets, sets, and stories that have shaped some of the most iconic movies and TV shows in history. From exploring iconic backlots to witnessing the intricate artistry of prop-making and special effects, prepare for an unforgettable adventure that unveils the captivating allure of the silver screen. Step into the realm where imagination meets reality and embark on a thrilling exploration of Hollywood's cinematic legacy at Warner Brothers Studio Tour Hollywood.

DLT! with Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny in front of photo backdrop for Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

Storytelling Showcase and Pre-Show

Storytellers Showcase with 3-D models of the WB water tower and the famous WB sound stage found in the opening scenes of WB productions

At the start of the tour, you begin in the Storytelling Showcase. As you approach the area, you will be greeted by a ginormous blue wall with the WB logo. As you turn into the room, you will notice frames on the wall that depict the history of film, the Warner Bros. Studio, and the Warner Family. The main attention grabber in this room is the painted aerial view of the Warner Bros. backlot on the floor, which included some 3-D sound stages and a replica of the WB Water Tower, pictured within. After this room, they took us into a small theater where we watched a pre-show before commencing the tour with our guide.

Outdoor Sets and Movie Magic

Outdoor sets at Warner Bros. Studio

The beginning part of the tour consists of a cart ride around the different exterior sets they had on the backlot, pictured above, and referencing any well-known show or movie that used them. For instance, we saw the backlot sets used to shoot the Train Store scenes from Young Sheldon, where Spiderman hung upside down and kissed Mary Jane in the rain, and Luke's Diner from Gilmore Girls. It was interesting to hear about how they transform these sets into different things depending on the needs of the movie or show.

We discovered that despite many buildings appearing to have multiple levels from the outside, the majority consist of only one level. This design choice accommodates the tall equipment, lighting, and microphones used in production. If a scene appears to be shot on a higher level, it is often just a short ledge cleverly utilized for the task rather than an entire floor, showcasing the true essence of movie magic! However, some buildings indeed have a second floor, designated as offices for the production staff. Yet, during filming inside or outside these specific structures, the staff is restricted from entering while the cameras are rolling.

Sound Stages, Friends Fountain, and Prop Building

Famous orange couch from the show Friends in front of the real fountain from the Friends opening credit scene

A majority of the backlot consists of sound stages. We saw the sound stages dedicated to The Big Bang Theory and Friends, although, at the moment, they were being used to shoot Bob Hearts Abishola and the United States of Al, respectively. On our tour, we got down to walk through one of the sound stages and saw the real sets for a show they were filming that week. After this, we drove to the Friends Fountain for a picture on the couch, as seen above. Believe it or not, this is the real fountain from the Friends opening credit scene. In order to keep it from being destroyed after the show finished, they had to relocate the fountain from its original location at the Warner Bros. Ranch.

Afterward, we drove by the prop building where WB keeps all of the props used in different TV shows and movies to reuse them for another project that may need them later on. The prop building is four stories high, and fun fact, each floor is the size of an American football field. Towards the end of our guided tour, we saw one of the tallest sound stages in North America with the WB shield in the front - the same one you see in the preview scenes before a WB production.

Stage 48: Central Perk Café, Exhibits, Friends and The Big Bang Theory Sets, Script to Screen, and Friends Boutique

Costume Lady Gaga wore in the "A Star is Born"

Once the guided portion of the tour was over, our tour guide left us in front of Stage 48, which contained the Central Perk Café (the coffee shop from Friends) in the middle, the Friends' Boutique on the right, and the exhibit entrance on the left. As soon as we entered, we saw the window of the Central Perk Café and noticed that we could order food and drinks - just as if we were actually part of the show. We purchased a red velvet and cream cheese icing cupcake with the Central Perk Cafe logo on top. It was both delicious and a nice little boost of energy before entering the exhibit. The exhibit contained plenty of props, costumes, and informational tidbits about different movies and shows that Warner Bros. Studios has produced, a dress that Lady Gaga wore in "A Star is Born" is pictured above.

DLT! sitting in the Friends Central Perk Café set

A part of the exhibit was being able to sit on the famous orange couch in the Friends' Central Perk Set, pictured above, and seeing 3-sets of The Big Bang Theory: the hallway with the broken elevator, Leonard and Sheldon's living room, and the University Cafeteria. I am a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory! So, I was beyond excited to pretend to walk up the stairs and sit on Sheldon's couch cushion - which Big Bang fans know is a sin in Sheldon's eyes.

After having to be pulled away from the Big Bang Theory section by Matthew, we entered "Stage 48: Script to Screen." A great way to describe this area is a room with a few green screens that allow for interactive activities, like being filmed riding Harry Potter's Broom or the Batpod. These experiences were included; however, if you wanted the final video, you needed to purchase it.

Before leaving this section, we entered a small room that featured a short video demonstrating the process of adding sound effects, music, and actor voiceovers to the film Gravity. It was an incredibly informative presentation! Upon concluding our exploration of the exhibits, we exited through the Friends' Boutique. Inside was a replica of the famous orange couch, additional seating (likely an extension of the small café seating), and a wide array of Friends-themed souvenirs.

DC Universe Super Heroes, DC Universe Super Villains, Harry Potter, Celebration of Awards, and Warner Bros. Studio Store

DC Super Hero mannequins in their costumes from their respective movies

After Stage 48, we took a second golf cart ride to another building to begin the last part of our tour. This brought us to the DC Super Heroes and Super Villians section and the Harry Pottery and Fantastic Beasts section. Within the DC section, we saw mannequin versions of the superheroes and villains wearing their costumes from the actual movies, heroes pictured above. They even had a Batcave with some Batmobiles, including the one used for the Dark Knight, an interactive design station for people to create their own Batmobile, a small Aquaman Lair, and Wonder Woman's Study!

My favorite part in the DC section was Wonder Woman's Study - there was an interactive Wonder Woman lasso that glowed when manually pressured - it allowed for a cool boomerang. The employee in the DC section was so helpful in making sure we got the best boomerang angle and also pointed out other photo ops within this area.

Outfits on display from the Secrets of Dumbledore

In the Harry Potter films section, we 'made potions,' practiced our wand choreography, took a peek in Harry's cupboard under the stairs, and visited the Herbology classroom - amongst other things. Matthew's favorite part in the Harry Potter section was the Great Hall, where the Official Sorting Hat sorted anyone under it into a Hogwarts House. The last room of the tour was the Celebration of Awards exhibit, which displayed various awards through the years, like Oscars and Emmys. The coolest part about this section was that we got to hold a real Oscar! It is heavier than I thought, coming in at 8.5 pounds for a 13.5-inch gold man. Once we finished up with all the exhibits, we exited through the gift shop and ended back in the lobby.

As Porky Pig says:

Venture into the captivating realm of Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood, a great option for anyone who enjoys the magic of the film industry! Our expert tour guide shared that no two tours are alike, guaranteeing a fresh adventure for every visitor. While we explored the regular Studio Tour, there is a world of discovery awaiting in the Classics Tour, Studio Tour Plus, and Deluxe Tour. For anyone in or visiting LA, I cannot recommend this backlot tour enough. It was such a great time - I am already planning my return for the Studio Tour Plus and Deluxe Tour, eager for more excitement and insights into the legendary Warner Bros. Studios.

Have you ever been on one of the Warner Bros. Hollywood Studio Tours? Make sure to let me know in the comments below. If you have not, I hope this article encourages you to add it to your bucket list! Share this article with the person or people you want to travel with! Also, be sure to SUBSCRIBE at the bottom of this page to learn about other places to add to your "To Visit" List! Ready? Okay, vamos. Time to have fun!

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