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Date Night Ideas in Tulsa, Oklahoma: 19 Things To Do

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Tulsa, Oklahoma, offers plenty of romantic activities and great date night options with its vibrant blend of art, good food, and entertainment. There are various romantic things to do in the Tulsa area, from beautiful gardens to scenic spots. Here are 19 delightful options for your next romantic date outing in Tulsa.

1. Philbrook Museum of Art

Philbrook Museum of Art with a long row of stepping stones in front and green beautiful landscaping
Philbrook Museum of Art

A treasure trove of artistic wonders set within a beautiful estate - it is a perfect place for wandering hand in hand through its exquisite galleries and stunning gardens. Nestled within a 1920s Italian-style villa, the Philbrook Museum of Art, once the opulent residence of Oklahoma oil pioneer Waite Phillips, now enchants visitors with a collection spanning over 16,000 diverse pieces of American, Native American, and European art.

With a staggering display of more than 8,500 artworks, this cultural gem beckons art enthusiasts to wander its halls. Beyond its artistic treasures, the museum boasts 23 acres of meticulously crafted gardens. Additionally, during select nights from November 24 to December 30, the Philbrook Festival captivates guests with a holiday extravaganza, where twinkling lights, festive music, and family-friendly activities create a magical ambiance for all to enjoy.

2. Tulsa Botanic Garden

Tulips at Tulsa Botanic Garden
Tulips at Tulsa Botanic Garden

Set across a sprawling 170-acre landscape, the Tulsa Botanic Garden invites visitors to immerse themselves in a diverse array of evolving plant collections, art installations, and architectural wonders. With 60 acres meticulously dedicated to vibrant gardens surrounding a serene seven-acre lake, this haven serves as a refuge for rest and reflection, a place where gardeners of all types can find inspiration.

Beyond its cultivated spaces, the garden conserves 110 acres of Cross Timbers forest and prairie, preserving the region's native flora and fauna. Notably, the Botanic Garden transitions into a serene refuge during winter, closing a week after Christmas, but offers enchanting experiences like the Botanic Garden of Lights on select nights from November 24 to December 30, where the landscape sparkles with festive lights, providing a magical holiday escape for visitors of all ages.

3. Tulsa Performing Arts Center

Red seats in a theatre

The Tulsa Performing Arts Center stands as a cultural hub, offering a range of artistic experiences within its impressive venue, which includes four main theaters, a studio space, an art gallery, and a spacious reception hall. Hosting diverse performances, including upcoming shows like "Beetlejuice" on select dates from November 21 to 26, "A Christmas Carol" and "The Nutcracker" from December 8 to 23, and "Annie" running from January 19 to February 4, this center invites patrons to book their tickets online for these captivating productions.

4. Live Music in Downtown Tulsa

A guy playing the drums at The Vanguard, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Downtown Tulsa pulses with a vibrant live music scene spread across various venues, catering to diverse tastes and preferences, from intimate and emerging artist-focused performances at The Vanguard to laid-back jazz sessions and open mic nights at LowDown. Whether patrons seek the lively ambiance of Arnie's Bar with its daily happy hour and live Irish music or the dynamic mix of piano tunes, karaoke, and live performances at Shady Keys, each spot offers a unique experience. Another great place to check out is Soundpony Lounge, with its indoor stage, live local music, and a relaxing back patio, ensuring a memorable evening filled with music and entertainment.

5. Utica Square

Glass door that reads open for a shop

Utica Square, Tulsa's esteemed outdoor shopping center since 1952, exudes elegance and charm, hosting a collection of independent and prominent stores like Anthropologie, Talbots, Loft, Athleta, Banana Republic, and Bath & Body Works. Anchored by Saks Fifth Avenue, this upscale hub offers a delightful shopping experience within a one-mile loop, inviting patrons to explore and discover diverse shops and fine dining options. Since its inception, Utica Square has remained a cherished hometown tradition, drawing visitors for its timeless appeal and graceful outdoor setting.

6. Tulsa Zoo

A tiger laying on a platform

Spread across 84 acres, the Tulsa Zoo invites visitors to embark on a thrilling journey through the natural world, encountering over 2,000 diverse animals from various continents. Immerse yourself in the wonder of wildlife, encountering creatures like African penguins, kangaroos, majestic jaguars, and awe-inspiring tigers. Additionally, guests can elevate their experience with ticketed attractions such as the Safari Train, Wildlife Carousel, and Gem Dig & Sluice, adding an extra layer of excitement and exploration to their zoo adventure.

7. Cave House

A Tulsa landmark steeped in fascinating history and distinctive architecture, the Cave House is a testament to its intriguing past. Built-in 1924 as a clandestine chicken restaurant turned speakeasy during prohibition, its quirky design continues to captivate visitors. Featured on HGTV's “Home Strange Home” and chronicled in the book “Weird Oklahoma,” this enigmatic structure, also known as The Cave Garden or The Flinstone House, invites guests to schedule guided tours, offering a glimpse into its storied past and unique design.

8. Try Delicious Food and Support Small Businesses

Fish and Chips Food Truck

Tulsa, Oklahoma, boasts tantalizing culinary experiences through its diverse small businesses. Check out one of the many eclectic offerings of food trucks, serving everything from soul food and vegetarian options to Italian cuisine, Hispanic delights, and more.

Another great option for excellent food is visiting Mother Road Market, Oklahoma's first food hall. Visitors can indulge in craft cocktails, street tacos, rotisserie platters, and gourmet pizza—the city is a haven for foodies and explorers alike. This bustling food hall not only caters to gastronomic delights but also doubles as a vibrant community space, hosting cooking classes, beer tastings at The WEL Bar, and live music on its expansive back patio, offering a perfect setting for sunset views of downtown Tulsa.

9. Guthrie Green

A lady stretching on the lawn as she wears workout clothing

Guthrie Green is an urban oasis within downtown Tulsa's vibrant Tulsa Arts District, offering plenty of activities for visitors to immerse themselves in. From lively concerts and festivals to bustling green markets and fitness classes, this multifaceted park provides an ideal setting for entertainment and relaxation. Couples can revel in the spacious greenery, engaging in games or having a picnic!

Food Truck Wednesdays present a delightful opportunity to savor diverse cuisines, complemented by picnics on the lawn any day of the week. Whether it is unwinding with yoga sessions, soaking up live music, or partaking in events like Fitness on the Green, Sound Bath Meditation at Fly Loft, or Art in the Park. Guthrie Green offers a versatile and dynamic space for visitors to discover their moments of serenity and enjoyment, making it a great date idea!

10. Coffee Shop Hopping

Two people holding coffee mugs where we can only see one arm each

Indulge in a cozy coffee date at one of Tulsa's charming coffee shops, like Coffee House on Cherry Street, a quaint coffee shop with outdoor seating, espresso drinks, and baked goods. Another great place to check out is Shades of Brown Coffee & Art, known for its hip hangout, artisanal coffee drinks, and art displays!

If you are not into coffee, you can also adventure into an ice cream parlor! Satisfy your sweet tooth with a scoop or two from Big Dipper, Rose Rock Microcreamery, or Tulsa Freezing Cow & Bubble Tea.

11. Blue Dome District

The Blue Dome District in downtown Tulsa emerges as a vibrant nightlife hub, owing its name to the iconic Art Deco-style building, the Blue Dome, a relic from 1924 once serving as a gas station. This lively district boasts an eclectic mix of bars, restaurants, clubs, shopping spots, art studios, and entertainment venues, creating a dynamic atmosphere for visitors. The district also hosts an array of festivals annually, including the Blue Dome Arts Festival, Eat Street Tulsa food truck festival, and Tulsa Tough, it remains a cultural hotspot, drawing both locals and visitors alike to its festive celebrations and diverse offerings.

12. Chandler Park

A blanket on the floor at a park

Explore the great outdoors at Chandler Park, a sprawling 192-acre wooded expanse featuring hiking trails, ideal for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. This picturesque destination boasts more than just scenic trails; it offers rock formations perfect for climbing and stunning panoramic vistas showcasing the beauty of Tulsa and Sand Springs, making it an excellent spot for a tranquil picnic or an invigorating hike amid nature's splendor.

13. Tulsa Riverwalk

Situated in Jenks, offering scenic views across the Arkansas River from Tulsa, Riverwalk is a premier destination, blending top-tier shopping, dining, and event experiences. Serving as South Tulsa’s pioneering riverfront lifestyle center, it offers a dynamic mix of leisure activities, including play areas, dining options, and retail opportunities. Moreover, the venue hosts vibrant events featuring live music, adding a lively touch to the overall experience for visitors seeking entertainment and relaxation along the riverfront.

14. Tulsa Glassblowing School

Glass blowing

At Tulsa Glassblowing School (TGS), individuals aged seven and up have a safe and inclusive space to craft mesmerizing glass art, making it the sole open-access glassblowing facility in the city. Beyond providing an outlet for creativity, teamwork, and self-expression, TGS hosts community classes and summer workshops, offering opportunities for beginners and seasoned glass artists. TGS is the perfect venue for a unique and creative date night centered around the beauty of glass artistry.

15. Dust Bowl Lanes

A person bowling

Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge offers a nostalgic tribute to 1970s bowling alleys, providing more than just bowling. With a retro vibe, it boasts a full bar, delectable food, desserts, and an array of beer and cocktails for guests to enjoy. Beyond the lanes, each Dust Bowl location offers a lounge area, large screen TVs, and at Little Rock, a dedicated karaoke room, ensuring a lively atmosphere perfect for a dose of friendly competition and a variety of entertainment options beyond bowling.

16. Classic Films at Circle Cinema

Old theater concession stand

Circle Cinema, Tulsa's exclusive nonprofit historic art house theater, invites movie enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the charm of classic films and independent cinema. Nestled within a 1928 cinema adorned with an art gallery, this venue offers a cozy and nostalgic setting, providing an ideal backdrop for an intimate and unique date night experience surrounded by the best in film.

17. Tulsa Ballet

A ballerina on her toes

Tulsa Ballet showcases a balance of classic ballet and contemporary dance, aiming to keep the beauty of traditional ballet alive. From timeless performances like "The Nutcracker" to modern interpretations like "Romeo & Juliet," their upcoming shows promise enchantment. Do not miss out on an elegant and graceful date night - grab your tickets online!

18. Center of the Universe, A Mysterious Acoustic Phenomenon

Nestled within Tulsa lies the enigmatic Center of the Universe, an acoustical wonder that baffles visitors by amplifying sounds multiple times louder when emitted from its epicenter. This peculiar phenomenon, born from the unintended consequence of reconstruction after a fire damaged the bridge in the 1980s, draws inquisitive crowds of approximately ten thousand annually. Featured on the television series "Tulsa King" starring Sylvester Stallone, this intriguing landmark remains a source of fascination and intrigue, inviting curious minds from across the country to experience its peculiar acoustics firsthand.

19. Tulsa State Fair (Seasonal)

People on the Yo-Yo at the fair

The Tulsa State Fair, an annual 11-day extravaganza held in late September or early October, is the city's largest family event, embodying heritage, family values, and entertainment for all ages. Initially organized in 1903 as the "Tulsa County Free Fair," it has evolved into a cultural institution, combining education and entertainment through bands, diverse entertainment offerings, and immersive educational experiences. This event is a great throwback date night!

Now, you kids go out and have fun!

Tulsa Skyline

Tulsa is brimming with unique date ideas, offering couples plenty of options to create fun date nights, lasting memories, and enjoy quality time together. Whether you seek to immerse yourself in the community, enjoy outdoor adventures, or have a cozy evening, this city has something delightful for your next date night.

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