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Your Guide to Disney Cruise Line's Drink Packages

Updated: Feb 8

Most major cruise lines, like Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Carnival Cruise Line, typically offer an unlimited alcohol drink package. However, Disney is known to be a more family-centered cruise line. As such, they do not offer those typical drinks packages, but there are still various ways to get adult beverages when onboard. This blog post will dive into the various options you have on a Disney Cruise ship!

Disney Cruise Drink Package

Disney does not sell unlimited packages, but they do have beer and wine packages. These packages can be purchased online ahead of time through the Onboard Gifts website or can be purchased while on board. These packages include: 

Champagne's spinning in a Lehmann glasses "Soufflé bouche" collection

- Classic or premium wine packages for 3, 4, 5, or 7 bottles of wine (price ranges from $105 to $330 before tax and tip)
- 6-pack of beer from brands like Budweiser, Coors Light, Michelob, Miller Light, Blue Moon, Corona, and Heineken ($36.25)
- 6-pack of Truly Hard Seltzers ($32.50)

Disney Cruise Line also has a refillable beer mug offering known as the Beer Mug Savings Package for $15.25 while supplies last. The mug grants you the ability to get a 21 oz beer for the price of a 16 oz. size! To take advantage of this package, you will need to bring the mug with you to the bars around the ships or at a minimum, bring your beer mug token, which entitles you to all the benefits of the mug without having to lug it around. There are various draft beer options on board for you to enjoy, including Stella Artois, Guinness, Angry Orchard, Samuel Adams, Kona Longboard, and Newcastle Brown Ale - to name a few, and they vary depending on the port of call.

Beverage Tastings

Multiple wooden platters with samples of assorted beer, cider, and mead.

Using the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App, you can book a beverage tasting that will allow you to sample select adult beverages during an informative seminar. Depending on your sailing some beverage-tasting options include learning about the complexities of bourbon, trying tropical drinks like Mojito & Caipirinha, and even attending a bartending workshop in their mixology class!

Other Ways to Get Adult Beverages

- Purchasing at the Pool Deck, the Ships' Adult-Exclusive Spaces, and any of the bars around the ship - Disney also offers a drink of the day! This allows you to purchase the alcoholic beverage of the day for only $5 before tax and tip. 
- Ordering through Room Service, Castaway Cay, and in the main dining room 
- For free at the Concierge Lounge, if you booked that category - The Concierge Lounge features an open bar that operates continuously from 5 to 10 pm daily. Guests are welcome to carry their drinks anywhere on the ship, even to dinner.

Can you bring alcoholic beverages on board the ship?

An opened beer can in the sand at the beach

Disney Cruise Line guests 21 years of age and above are permitted to bring a maximum of two bottles of unopened wine or champagne (with a size limit of 750 ml) or six beers (with a size limit of 12 ounces) on board at the beginning of the voyage and at every port of call. These beverages must be securely packed in carry-on luggage or a bag; they are not allowed in checked bags.

For round-trip cruises originating from Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, and Brisbane, guests aged 18 and older have the same allowance - two bottles of unopened wine or champagne (not exceeding 750 ml) or six beers (not exceeding 12 ounces).

Should guests wish to enjoy their brought-on wine or champagne in one of the dining rooms, a corking fee of $27.00 per bottle will be applicable.

What is the drinking age while sailing?

Person wearing a wide-brimmed hat holding their right hand in the air holding a tropical alcoholic beverage

The minimum drinking age on board is 21, and a valid photo ID is necessary.

However, on round-trip cruises departing from a European country with a lower drinking age, parents or guardians have the option to complete a Beverage Consent Form. This form grants permission for their 18- to 20-year-old children to consume alcoholic beverages while under the supervision of an adult.

Moreover, for round-trip cruises originating from Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, and Brisbane, individuals aged 18 and above can purchase and enjoy alcoholic beverages without needing parental consent. In the case of repositioning cruises between Hawai'i and Australia, parents or guardians can sign a Beverage Consent Form, allowing their 18- to 20-year-old children to partake in alcoholic beverages while accompanied by an adult.

Non-alcoholic Beverages

Non-alcoholic day of the drink

Disney also offers non-alcoholic drinks that can be pre-purchased or while on board. These include: 

- 6-pack Non-Alcoholic Heineken ($36.25)
- Non-Alcoholic Cloudem - Blue ($20 for the drink only)
- 6, 12, or 24-pack of Dasani (ranging from $15 - $60) or 6-pack of Smart Water in Aluminum Cans ($21.25)

Coca cola in a glass with ice and a palm tree in the background

One of my favorite perks on a Disney Cruise is that they include soft drinks, juice, milk, and regular tea and coffee in your cruise fare, so there is no need to purchase soda packages like you would on the other cruise lines mentioned initially. You can find a beverage station inside the buffet and outside on the pool deck. You can also order these drinks at the sit-down restaurants. However, there will be an additional charge for these beverages if ordered through room service, at the bars and lounges, or the movie theater concession stand.

Disney also offers specialty coffees and other specialty drinks like smoothies for an additional cost and a non-alcoholic drink of the day, which typically costs about $5 before tax and tip! Disney Cruise Tip: If you plan on purchasing five specialty coffees or more, consider asking for the coffee punch card when you order. After five coffees, your sixth one is free!

Happy Cruising!

Worth Melting for Drink at Arendelle

While Disney Cruise Line does not offer unlimited drink packages like some other cruise lines, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy adult beverages on board. Whether you are enjoying the beer package or the items you brought onboard, be sure to drink responsibly!

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