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Allure of the Seas Deck Plans and What to Do on Them

Updated: May 10

Welcome aboard Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas, an Oasis class favorite, ranked as the sixth largest cruise ship globally in 2024. The Allure of the Seas promises an unparalleled cruise experience for travelers of all ages and preferences.

The aft of Allue of the Seas

Whether you are seeking family-friendly fun, romantic escapes for couples, or are embarking on your maiden voyage, this floating paradise offers plenty of activities and amenities to indulge in! 

From a state-of-the-art fitness center and adrenaline-pumping sports complexes to attractions like mini-golf and a captivating white-knuckle zip line, there is no shortage of entertainment options to keep you enthralled throughout your journey. 

And let us not forget the enchanting neighborhoods awaiting exploration - from the lush greenery of Central Park to the lively ambiance of the Boardwalk, each enclave beckons with its unique charm and allure.

Join me as we embark on a voyage filled with deck-defying discoveries, world-class dining experiences, and next-level thrills - all amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the open ocean. The Allure of the Seas awaits, ready to whisk you away on a journey of a lifetime!

Deck 3

The cast of Blue Planet on Allure of the Seas

- Lower Level of the Amber Theater: Accessible from Deck 4, this area hosts nightly shows to entertain guests before or after dinner.
- Conference Center: A venue for hosting company meetings, weddings, or other private events.
- Lower Level of Blades and Ice Skating Rink: Accessible from Deck 4, this area features the ice-skating rink and hosts the "Blades" ice-skating show, but there is no main entrance from Deck 3.

- Lower Level of the Main Dining Room: Part of the ship's main dining area, offering a variety of culinary options in an elegant setting.
- Staterooms: Accommodation for guests, providing comfort and relaxation during their cruise experience. The rooms available on this deck include ocean views and interior staterooms.

Deck 4 

- Middle Tier and Main Entrance of the Amber Theater: The central area for accessing and enjoying performances at the ship's theater.
- Blaze Nightclub: A lively nightclub featuring a talented DJ, a well-stocked bar, and ample lounging space.
- Casino Royale: The non-smoking section of the ship's casino, offering a variety of slot machines and table games.

- Studio B: A multipurpose venue hosting game shows featuring an ice-skating rink, with the opportunity to watch the "Blades" ice-skating show on select nights or enjoy free skating during certain times of the day.
- Comedy Live: A venue where guests can enjoy performances by onboard comedians.
- Hall of Odds: A display showcasing rare artifacts and memorabilia related to gaming.
- Main Casino: The primary area for gaming, offering a wide selection of slots and table games.
- Izumi: A specialty dining restaurant serving Japanese cuisine, including sushi and other delights.

- Middle Tier of Main Dining Room: Part of the ship's main dining area, offering a variety of culinary options in an elegant setting.

Deck 5

- Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center: A comprehensive wellness facility offering massages, wraps, facials, acupuncture, and medi-spa treatments, along with a fully equipped fitness center featuring weight machines, free weights, spin bikes, and more.
- Top Level of Amber Theater: Enjoy captivating performances at the top level of the ship's theater.

The first Starbucks Coffee onboard a cruise ship

- Starbucks: The first Starbucks at sea, serving a variety of coffee beverages.
- Running Track: A track encircling the vessel for guests to stay active while enjoying scenic views.
- On Air Club: A karaoke lounge where guests can showcase their vocal talents.

Boleros Lounge on Deck 5 of Allure of the Seas

- Boleros: A Latin-themed club and bar offering lively entertainment and drinks.
- Shops: Various shops along the promenade offer a range of items from souvenirs to luxury goods.
- Bow and Stern: An English-style pub serving classic pub fare and drinks.

Sorrentos cheese pizza

- Sorrentos: Authentic New York-style pizza for a delicious and complimentary dining option.
- Cafe Promenade: A 24-hour complimentary casual cafe offering breakfast, lunch, desserts, and specialty coffee.
- Rising Tide Bar: A unique bar that moves between decks, providing passengers with a novel experience as it transports them between Central Park and the Royal Promenade.
- Champagne Bar: An upscale bar specializing in champagne.
- Guest Services and Next Cruise Desk: Services for guest inquiries and future cruise bookings.

- Final Level of Main Dining Room: Concludes the ship's main dining area, offering a variety of culinary delights.

Deck 6

View of the Boardwalk on Deck 6 from above

- Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center: A wellness retreat promoting healthy lifestyles and complete body wellness, located on the forward of Deck 5 and 6.
- Schooner Bar: A nautical-themed bar known for its piano sing-alongs.
- Focus: A photo gallery where guests can view and purchase images taken onboard.
- Shore Excursions Desk: Book your shore excursions here or via the Royal Caribbean App.
- Loyalty Desk: Assistance with Crown & Anchor loyalty program inquiries.

- Boardwalk Donuts: Complimentary breakfast spot offering delicious donuts.
- The Boardwalk Dog House: A complimentary hot dog stand offering a variety of gourmet hot dogs and sides.
- Cups and Scoops: An ice cream shop selling hard-scooped ice cream and large cupcakes.
- Arcade: Small arcade with extra fees along the Boardwalk.

The Carousel on the Boardwalk

- Carousel: Complimentary carousel open at select times during the sailing.
- Shops: Pinwheels, Candy Beach, and Star Pier offer shopping opportunities along the Boardwalk.
- Johnny Rockets: Classic American diner serving burgers and shakes.
- Sabor: Restaurant offering traditional Mexican dishes with a fresh spin, including carne asada burritos, tacos, ceviches, and guacamole.
- Sabor Bar: Offers premium tequila flights and margaritas.

- Aquatheater: Exclusive to Oasis-class ships, featuring the deepest pool at sea flanked by two 30-foot diving platforms for mesmerizing dive spectaculars, currently hosting OceanAria performances on select nights.
- Staterooms: Various accommodations for guests, including suites, balcony staterooms, and interior staterooms, offering a range of options for guests to enjoy their cruise experience.

Deck 7

- Staterooms: This floor primarily consists of staterooms, offering a variety of accommodations, including suites, balconies, oceanview, and interior rooms, catering to different preferences and needs of guests.
- Rock Climbing Wall: Located in the aft of the ship, the rock climbing wall provides a thrilling and adventurous activity for cruisers of most ages, offering a chance to test their skills.

Deck 8

- Central Park: A lush neighborhood onboard Allure of the Seas, featuring over 12,000 plants, bars, shops, and restaurants spread across its 328-foot length.
- Vintages: A wine bar offering a diverse selection of wines from various regions, including Malbec, Merlot, Riesling, and Pinot Grigio, along with exclusive bottles.
- Giovanni's Table: An upscale Italian restaurant, perfect for a romantic date night (extra fees apply).
- Trellis Bar: A tropical oasis in Central Park, offering a serene atmosphere for enjoying drinks and people-watching.

- Park Cafe: A complimentary market cafe serving breakfast, lunch, and snacks, offering paninis, sandwiches, and made-to-order salads.
- Rising Tide Bar: The world's first moving bar at sea, shuttling between Central Park and Royal Promenade, accommodating 32 guests for a 10-minute ride between venues.
- Chops Grille: A steakhouse renowned for its premium beef selections, seafood, sides, and appetizers.
- 150 Central Park: A high-end restaurant offering seasonal menus with dishes made from fresh ingredients sourced from small Florida farms.
- Dazzles: A multi-level lounge and dance club hosting various entertainment, including big band swing ensembles and pop performers, with views of the Boardwalk.
- Shops: Retail outlets including Coach, Regalia, and Picture This.
- Staterooms: Accommodations including suites, balconies, oceanview, and interior rooms for guests' comfort and relaxation.

Deck 9 

- Staterooms: This deck primarily consists of staterooms, offering a variety of accommodations, including suites, balconies, oceanviews, and interior rooms.
- Dazzles: The top floor of Dazzles, a multi-level lounge and dance club onboard.

Deck 10 

- Staterooms: This deck exclusively comprises staterooms, offering a range of accommodations, including suites, balconies, oceanviews, and interior rooms. Options include the Grand Suite - 2 Bedroom, AquaTheater Suite with Large Balcony - 2 Bedroom, a Junior Suite, and more, catering to various budgets and preferences.

Deck 11 

- Crown Lounge: A two-story lounge reserved for Royal Caribbean's Crown and Anchor Society's top members, including Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Pinnacle tiers. The lounge provides snacks, specialty coffee machines, and concierge services throughout the day.

Generic Library Books Image to depict the library room on Allure of the Seas
Generic Library Books Image

- Library: A tranquil space with reading chairs and a selection of books and guidebooks, perfect for guests seeking a quiet retreat to enjoy literature onboard.
- Staterooms: This deck primarily consists of staterooms, offering a variety of accommodations, including suites, balconies, oceanviews, and interior rooms.

Deck 12 

- The Bridge: Located at the forward section of Deck 12, the bridge is the operational command center of the ship and is not accessible to cruisers.
- Staterooms: The majority of this deck consists of staterooms, offering a variety of accommodations, including suites, balconies, oceanviews, and interior rooms.
- Chef's Table: A premium dining experience onboard Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas, offering a five-course tasting menu with wine pairings. Led by the ship's Chef de Cuisine, the experience provides an intimate culinary journey lasting 2 - 3 hours.

Deck 14 

Generic Deck of Cards spread out
Generic Deck of Cards Laid Out

- Secret Outdoor Sun Deck: A spacious outdoor deck with two bridge wings extending from the sides of the ship, offering panoramic views ideal for watching railways and sunsets. Note: It can be very windy on this deck.
- Kids' Avenue: Dedicated area for children's clubs, including Aquanauts (ages 3 - 5), Explorers (ages 6 - 8), and Voyagers (ages 9 - 11), featuring an Adventure Science Lab, Adventure Ocean Theater, Kids' Arcade, Imagination Studio, workshop, and nursery.
- Card Room: A designated space with tables and chairs for playing board games and cards.
- Staterooms: Numerous staterooms are available on this deck, offering suites, balconies, and interior rooms for guests' accommodation needs.

Deck 15 

Center pool in the Solarium

- Solarium: An exclusive adults-only area featuring a pool and jacuzzis, providing a serene retreat for relaxation.
- Solarium Bistro / Samba Grill: A versatile dining venue in the Solarium offering lighter breakfast and lunch options, transitioning to Samba Grill for dinner, where guests can indulge in Brazilian steakhouse fare, including slow-roasted meats carved tableside.
- Whirlpools: Two spacious whirlpools on both sides of the ship's 15th deck, offering stunning panoramic views while guests unwind in heated waters.
- Main Pool: Located on the port side of the ship, the main pool features freshwater, stadium-style seating, and adjacent whirlpools, providing a vibrant hub for swimming and lounging.
- Beach Pool: A saltwater pool with a gradual sloped entry and shaded seating areas, offering a refreshing oasis for guests to enjoy.
- Pool Bar and Sand Bar: Adjacent bars serving the ship's pools, providing a variety of beverages and cocktails amidst live entertainment from the nearby bandstand.

H20 Zone at Allure of the Seas

- H20 Zone: A vibrant children's water playground equipped with water spray cannons, umbrella jets, and interactive structures, creating a fun-filled environment for young guests.
- Sports Pool: Designed for lap swimming and water sports enthusiasts, this pool offers a spacious area for aquatic activities and exercise.
- PADI: A certification agency offering scuba diving training onboard, allowing guests to obtain the PADI scuba certification and explore underwater adventures.
- Breeze: An open-air shop on the pool deck offering a selection of merchandise and essentials for guests' convenience.

Foosball in the teenager club

- Teens-Only Area: Comprising The Living Room, Fuel Teen Disco, and The Back Deck, providing teenage guests with dedicated spaces for relaxation, entertainment, and socializing.
- Video Arcade: A spacious arcade offering a variety of arcade games and entertainment options for guests of all ages, with additional charges applicable.
- Wipe Out Cafe featuring El Loco Fresh: A fast-casual Mexican restaurant serving a range of delicious dishes, including guacamole, chips, tacos, and more, ideal for casual dining poolside.
- Ping Pong Tables: Available for open play, enjoy friendly matches of ping pong on a first-come, first-served basis.

DLT! next to 3 Allure of the Seas surfboards

- Sports Court: An outdoor court suitable for basketball, volleyball, and other hard court sports, offering open play and organized tournaments for guests' enjoyment.
- Allure Dunes: A nine-hole miniature golf course providing guests with a fun-filled recreational activity amidst stunning ocean views.

Deck 16

- Solarium: The upper level of the Solarium features a serene adults-only retreat with comfortable loungers and the Solarium Bar.
- Sky Bar and Mast Bar: Two outdoor bars in the sunbathing lounge area on Deck 16, offering refreshing drinks and cocktails with scenic views.

- Windjammer Marketplace: A buffet-style restaurant serving global dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, providing casual dining options for guests.

- Zipline: An exhilarating adventure stretching over 80 feet long and nine decks above the Boardwalk, offering guests a thrilling aerial experience.
- Wipe Out Bar: A vibrant poolside bar between both surf simulators, serving a selection of drinks and cocktails for guests to enjoy while soaking up the sun.

DLT! on the Flowrider on Allure of the Seas

- Flowrider: A 40-foot-long surf simulator featuring two sides - one for stand-up surfing and the other for boogie boarding - where guests can enjoy the excitement of riding simulated waves. Included in the cruise fare, but guests may need to wait in line.

Deck 17

A Lady Sunbathing in a bathing suit with a sunhat covering her face with her right hand in the pool water
A Lady Sunbathing by the Pool

- Suite Sun Deck: A private sunbathing area exclusively for guests staying in suites, featuring comfortable padded loungers, a bar, and lounge chairs.
- Suite Lounge: Reserved for guests staying in Grand Suite-level accommodations and above, this exclusive lounge offers complimentary continental breakfast and evening drinks. Guests can also enjoy a sophisticated bar and lounge area serving handcrafted cocktails.
- Coastal Kitchen: An upscale restaurant for guests staying in qualifying suites and Pinnacle Club members, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu features healthy dishes with Mediterranean and California influences, highlighting fresh ingredients.
- Spacious Suites: This deck primarily consists of suites, providing luxurious accommodations for guests. Some suites span two stories, creating Deck 18.

Deck 18 

- Suites: Deck 18 is the second level of the suites in Deck 17, offering elevated accommodations and stunning views for guests in these luxurious rooms.

Where does Allure of the Seas sail?

Waves created by the cruise ship

Embark on a journey of discovery aboard the Allure of the Seas as it sets sail to enchanting destinations across the globe on its 2024-2025 cruises, including captivating Bahamian and Mediterranean cruises.

From the pristine beaches of the Bahamas and the private oasis of Perfect Day at CocoCay to the cultural riches of Spain and France, each itinerary offers a unique blend of adventure and relaxation. 

Explore the sun-kissed shores of the Western Mediterranean or immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the Western and Eastern Caribbean. Departing from Miami, FL; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Port Canaveral, FL; Galveston, Texas; Barcelona, Spain; and Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy, these cruises promise unforgettable experiences for every traveler.

Whether you are seeking a quick getaway or a week-long escape, the Allure of the Seas has the perfect voyage for you.

Bon Voyage!

Ginormous Royal Caribbean International sign along the side of the Allure of the Seas cruise ship

In conclusion, whether you prefer the classic elegance of the Schooner Bar or the lively rhythms of Boleros' live music, the Allure of the Seas offers a world of possibilities to fulfill your search criteria for the perfect cruise experience.

With plenty of amenities, entertainment options, and breathtaking destinations, Royal Caribbean International ensures that every moment you are on the high seas is filled with excitement and wonder.

Do not forget your travel documents, and embark aboard the Allure of the Seas, where you will discover a perfect harmony of luxury, adventure, and unforgettable memories.

Have you ever been on an Oasis class ship by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line? Let me know in the comments below! Share this article with the person or people you want to go on your next adventure with! Also, be sure to SUBSCRIBE below to learn about other places you should add to your "To Visit" List! Ready? Okay, vamos. Time to have fun!

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