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Your Guide to Perfect Day at CocoCay Bahamas Cruise Port

Updated: May 8

Welcome to Perfect Day at CocoCay, where every moment is a slice of paradise waiting to be explored. From the moment you step ashore, you will be greeted by pristine white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and plenty of thrilling attractions designed to elevate your Royal Caribbean cruise experience to new heights. 

Whether you are seeking adrenaline-pumping excitement at the iconic Thrill Waterpark, indulging in a leisurely swim at the Oasis Lagoon pool, relishing in an exclusive beach escape at Hideaway Beach, or simply soaking up the sun on South Beach, CocoCay offers something for everyone! Join me as I delve into the wonders of this private island paradise.

What is Perfect Day at CocoCay?

An aerial view of Perfect Day at CocoCay, but the half closest to the dock

Perfect Day at CocoCay, a 125-acre private destination crafted by Royal Caribbean and situated in the Bahamas, offers an unparalleled retreat for travelers seeking a blend of relaxation and adventure. Here, guests can bask in beautiful beaches and crystal-clear lagoons while indulging in various water sports activities. 

Thrill-seekers can satisfy their adrenaline cravings at the renowned Thrill Water Park, home to the tallest waterslide in North America and the largest wave pool in the Caribbean. Additionally, the island boasts exhilarating experiences such as a 1600-foot zip line and a hot air balloon rising 450 feet above CocoCay, ensuring there is never a dull moment for guests of all ages. 

Who can enjoy Perfect Day at CocoCay?

Royal Caribbean International brand logo painted on the side of Allure of the Seas

All Royal Caribbean ships that sail within the Caribbean can enjoy Perfect Day at CocoCay if it is a part of their itinerary, including Oasis of the Seas and the brand-new Icon of the Seas.

Previously, Perfect Day at CocoCay was exclusively for Royal Caribbean guests. However, there is good news for travelers aboard Celebrity Cruises: you too can now experience Perfect Day at CocoCay, as Celebrity Cruises is the sister cruise line of Royal Caribbean.

History of Perfect Day at CocoCay

Aerial view of Perfect Day at CocoCay in its entirety

CocoCay, also known as Little Stirrup Cay, has been under the ownership of Royal Caribbean International since 1988. Part of the Berry Islands and approximately 55 miles north of Nassau, CocoCay's elongated and slender profile is accentuated by its unique reef and rock structure, shaped over time by the gentle currents of the Caribbean.

However, it was not until 2019 that the island underwent a monumental transformation, evolving into the vibrant destination of Perfect Day at CocoCay. With a staggering investment of $250 million, this renovation ushered in a new era of luxury and adventure for guests.

Among the notable enhancements was the addition of a state-of-the-art cruise ship pier, allowing for the seamless docking of two large ships simultaneously, eliminating the need for tender boats. 

Can I use my onboard drinking package on the island?

2 alcoholic beverages one is yellow with lime inside and the other is red with mint on top

Yes - your beverage package, whether purchased onboard or via My Royal Cruise, will be valid across Perfect Day at CocoCay Island, including at Hideaway Beach.

Can I use my Wi-Fi internet package on the island? 

Iphone with a purple screen that has a wifi symbol in the center in white. the background of the entire image is the color yellow

Indeed! Your Wi-Fi package, whether purchased onboard or through Cruise Planner, will remain functional on the island. However, please note that there might be intermittent coverage in certain areas.

What is Included on Perfect Day at CocoCay?

View of mostly the pier for Perfect Day at CocoCay from a cruise ship

- Entrance to Perfect Day at CocoCay is included with your cruise fare, along with the trams that transport you around the island.

- Towels, freshwater showers, lockers, restrooms, shoe drop boxes, and beach-accessible wheelchairs and strollers.

- Skipper’s Grill, Chill Grill, and various Snack Shacks around the island offer complimentary food and snacks, including burgers, hot dogs, salads, desserts, and more.

Shipwrecked pirate vessel known as Captain Jill’s Galleon at Perfect Day at CocoCay

- Captain Jill’s Galleon: Located at the Arrival Plaza, Captain Jill’s Galleon offers a playful experience on Perfect Day at CocoCay, resembling a shipwrecked pirate vessel. It boasts water cannons, kiddie slides, and a wavy pattern on the surrounding floor mirroring the ocean's motion.

This imaginative attraction provides an alternative for children who prefer dry land adventures or wish to avoid getting soaked at Splashaway Bay. (You can still get wet, but not as much as in Splashaway Bay.)

Splashaway Bay, kid waterpark on Perfect Day at CocoCay

- Splashaway Bay: Situated adjacent to the rear section of Thrill Waterpark, Splashaway Bay offers a complimentary water park playground for children, boasting five waterslides, water cannons, fountains, two drench buckets, and additional aquatic attractions. They even have a Little Free Library for your kids' reading pleasure! 

Harbor Beach with a view of the fountain found in this area there are plenty of beach umbrellas in the back

- Harbor Beach: Harbor Beach is a complimentary stretch of shoreline conveniently situated near the docking area of the ship, offering a picturesque setting for families to unwind.

With its shallow and sparkling waters, this white-sand beach provides an inviting atmosphere for all ages. A central fountain adds a charming touch and creates the scene for memorable moments building sandcastles with the kids!

A clear Oasis Lagoon with lifeguards standing around it and the Up, Up and Away air balloon in the background

- Oasis Lagoon: Oasis Lagoon, boasting the Caribbean’s largest freshwater pool, offers a spacious and family-friendly environment. Guests can indulge in the luxury of a swim-up bar and three swim-up islands while enjoying amenities like in-water loungers and underwater surround sound. For an added touch of luxury, rent a cabana with a dedicated cabana attendant providing personalized service throughout their poolside experience. 

Beach chairs and umbrellas at Chill Island on Perfect Day at CocoCay

- Chill Island: Chill Island provides a serene and complimentary beach experience, boasting pristine white sand and tranquil waters perfect for relaxation. Visitors can unwind under free umbrellas and on beach chairs while enjoying the picturesque surroundings. Additionally, guests can savor Caribbean delicacies such as tacos and barbecued chicken at the Chill Grill. 

For those seeking added comfort and adventure, private cabanas accommodating up to eight people are available for rent, along with snorkeling gear at the Snorkel Shack. For a guided exploration of the island's sights, visitors can opt for the Wave Jet tour, offering an exciting way to discover Chill Island's beauty.
South Beach with a person crouched down hunting for seashells

- South Beach: South Beach offers a picturesque setting ideal for families and cruisers seeking relaxation by the shore. With its floating bar and sports courts, including volleyball and basketball, there is no shortage of activities to enjoy. Shallow waters make it perfect for leisurely seashell hunting.

South Beach is a bit secluded from the other amenities around the island; however, the complimentary trams ensure easy access for visitors to explore and enjoy all of the island's offerings.

What comes at an additional charge?

Daredevil's Tower at the Thrill Waterpark on Perfect Day at CocoCay

- Thrill Waterpark: Thrill Waterpark at Perfect Day at CocoCay is a paradise for adrenaline-seekers featuring 14 exhilarating water slides across two towers. Among them is Daredevil's Peak, towering at 135 feet tall, making it the tallest slide in North America! Daredevil's Tower offers seven heart-pounding body slides, while Splash Summit boasts four dynamic rides requiring mats or tubes. 

Visitors can also enjoy the Caribbean's largest Wave Pool and take on the Adventure Pool's obstacles and challenges! Additionally, the water park offers a convenient snack shack for lunch, snacks, and refreshments. With beach chairs and umbrellas included in the thrill waterpark admission fee, guests can relax between thrilling adventures.

- Zip Line: The zip line course stretches over 1,600 feet and comprises three segments, each lasting approximately 20 seconds. This zipline spans the island and provides scenic views of the waterpark and Harbor Beach.

Up, Up and Away air balloon with the Royal Caribbean anchor logo in the center. The ballon is colorful the colors you can see in this picture are orange, red, magenta, and a little bit of yellow

 - Up, Up and Away: Ascend to the highest vantage point in the Bahamas with Up, Up, and Away, where you can experience a bird's-eye view of the island from a helium balloon ride soaring 450 feet above CocoCay.

- Hideaway Beach: Unveiled in January 2024, Hideaway Beach emerges as the premier adults-only coastal retreat nestled along the southeast shore of CocoCay. With admission, guests gain entry to an exclusive enclave boasting a heated infinity-edge pool and direct beach access. 

Enjoy complimentary amenities such as in-water hammocks, resort-style loungers, and umbrellas, all while relishing delectable offerings from Hideaway Hut and Slice of Paradise. Engage in beach games and groove to the tunes of a live DJ by the pool, creating an ambiance akin to the ultimate beach party experience.
Shoreline besides Hideaway Beach

- Coco Beach Club: Coco Beach Club offers an exclusive experience for guests of all ages, providing access to premium amenities such as a private beach, infinity pool, and cabanas. The admission fee covers complimentary dining at the restaurant, featuring elevated cuisine options. In the morning, they offer coffee and pastries. 

Additionally, guests can enjoy beach chairs, towels, umbrellas, and private showers for added comfort. For those seeking the ultimate luxury, over-water cabanas are available for rent, accommodating up to 8 guests.

These cabanas offer a range of amenities, including an over-water hammock, minibar, and dedicated Cabana Butler Concierge, ensuring a truly indulgent experience by the sea.
A tropical drink with beautiful turquoise water in the background

- Drinks such as cocktails, mocktails, beer, and sodas are available for purchase if you did not purchase the drink package. Complimentary drink dispensers around the island offer options like regular water, flavored water, and fruit juices such as fruit punch or strawberry kiwi.

- Shopping: Explore several small shops in a charming straw market staffed by locals. These shops offer an array of Bahamian crafts similar to those found in Freeport and Nassau, though prices here tend to be slightly higher and bargaining less common.

Two shopping areas are situated on Chill Beach, one near the snorkel shack and the other near the Chill Grill. One notable shop is the Coco Logo Shop, offering exclusive Coco Cay merchandise not found elsewhere, conveniently located near Chill Beach.
Wings and Fries shack at Captain Jack’s with two pirates on stage performing on the far right

- Captain Jack’s: Captain Jack's presents a bar-like ambiance where guests can enjoy food, beverages, and live music. This island dining spot operates on an a la carte pricing system and serves delectable offerings like wings, fries, and various drinks.

While alcoholic beverages come at an additional cost, patrons with an onboard beverage package from Royal Caribbean can conveniently use it here.

One of the beautiful beaches on Perfect Day at CocoCay with beach chairs and palm trees

- Beach Rentals and Excursions: Cabanas, Beach Mats, Snorkel Gear, Scuba Diving Gear, Kayaks, and Paddleboards. For added adventure, you can also arrange a thrilling Jet Ski excursion!

Weather Conditions in Perfect Day at CocoCay

The weather in Perfect Day at CocoCay is typically reflective of the tropical oasis that is the Bahamas, boasting warm and sunny conditions ideal for beach outings and waterpark adventures.

Up high view of Harbor Beach and a Royal Caribbean cruise ship docked at the pier

While winters bring highs in the low 70s with reduced chances of rainfall, occasional gloomy days may occur. In contrast, summers offer highs in the high 80s, accompanied by a greater likelihood of sunshine and showers. 

The ocean's temperature hovers between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. While the possibility of encountering a hurricane exists, cruise lines are adept at rerouting voyages to avoid such storms.

Additionally, high winds may occasionally pose challenges for docking at CocoCay, but such occurrences are rare, ensuring that guests can typically enjoy their planned port visit without interruption.

Personal Review

Giant Perfect Day letters

Our long-awaited visit to Perfect Day at CocoCay finally came true in March 2024, and it was everything we hoped for and more! As soon as we stepped off the boat and onto the tram to the Arrival Plaza, we were greeted by vibrant colors and huge letters spelling out Perfect Day at CocoCay. Despite the gloomy weather and chilly 75-degree temperatures, our excitement kept us warm as we made our way to the Thrill Water Park.

View from the pier of Perfect Day at CocoCay with Daredevil's Tower standing prominently and the giant letter COCO CAY right under it

After stepping off the tram, we hurried into the Thrill Water Park to secure prime seats by the wave pool and embark on what felt like a journey to the skies. Climbing the towering Daredevil’s Peak, a 14-story ascent to North America's tallest waterslide at 135 feet, was an unforgettable experience.

Daredevil’s Tower with 7 slides coming from off of it. It is colorful with different shades of red, orange, yellow, blue, and green

This thrilling slide, known as Daredevil’s Peak, looped down Daredevil’s Tower four times, reaching speeds of nearly 60 mph - it was incredible! Despite the exhilaration, the prolonged descent and acceleration caused discomfort on our backs, but the adventure was well worth it.

The seven slides of Splash Summit

Following that, we continued to climb up Daredevil's Tower to experience all the slides we had in mind. Matthew tackled all seven, while I opted for four, avoiding the steeper drops. After 45 minutes, we completed this challenge and headed to Splash Summit, the second tower of waterslides, which offers four different ride types, including racing slides with four separate tracks, adding up to seven more slides to enjoy.

Adventure Pool with Splash Summit in the background

By 10 am, we had accomplished everything we set out to do on both towers and ventured to the adventure pool. Here, we tried out the short zipline and the rock climbing wall, and Matthew navigated the lily pads. Afterward, we relaxed by the wave pool, taking a nap to the soothing sounds of crashing waves. 

Upon waking, we enjoyed a delicious meal at the Snack Shack, savoring hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, mozzarella sticks, and an assortment of sweet treats, from funnel cake to brownies and cookies. The chocolate chip cookies were so good, soft, and chewy - they were my favorite during the cruise!

Red, yellow, blue beach umbrellas with yellow and blue beach chairs at the wave pool area of Thrill Waterpark at Perfect Day at CocoCay

Later, Matthew ventured off to tackle the final ride (I opted out). Forty-five minutes later, he had completed every water slide and activity at the waterpark! We then took some time to unwind at our seats again and enjoy the afternoon entertainment provided by the DJ.

About two hours before the all-aboard time, we decided to explore the rest of the island on foot and via the complimentary tram rides. Our journey led us to Oasis Lagoon, Chill Island, and South Beach, among other highlights. We stumbled upon the Chill Grill and treated ourselves to some delicious soft-serve ice cream.

The Chill Grill offered a wider selection than the Snack Shack at the waterpark; however, most of the food options were similar to those available onboard the ship. We also passed by Up, Up, and Away, but it was closed for the day due to high wind speeds.

Afterward, we returned to the water park to ride a few of our favorite slides once more before heading back to the ship before the all-onboard time. We had an exciting day and cannot wait to revisit and explore more of the island's offerings.

DLT! standing in front of the Thrill Waterpark sign and entrance

Among the private islands and cruise destinations we have visited, Royal Caribbean secures the top spot on our list. We eagerly anticipate the opening of Royal Caribbean's private beach club in Cozumel, Mexico in 2026, expecting it to offer an experience that is just as remarkable, if not better!

On Island Time!

Royal Caribbean sandcastle display

Perfect Day at CocoCay is the epitome of a tropical paradise, offering a seamless blend of relaxation and excitement for cruise travelers of all ages. With its pristine beaches, thrilling waterpark attractions, and vibrant amenities, this private island retreat curated by Royal Caribbean promises unforgettable experiences at every turn.

From savoring delectable dishes at Skipper’s Grill to soaring above the island on the Up, Up and Away helium balloon ride, there is something to delight every palate, budget, and preference. 

One of the beautiful beaches on Perfect Day at CocoCay with beach chairs and palm trees

As you soak in the warmth of the Bahamian sun and immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters, you will be captivated by this ideal beach getaway. Whether on your first voyage or returning for another unforgettable adventure, Perfect Day at CocoCay invites you to discover the ultimate Caribbean escape, where every moment is truly perfect.

Have you ever been to Perfect Day at CocoCay? Let me know in the comments below! Share this article with the person or people you want to go on your next adventure with! Also, be sure to SUBSCRIBE below to learn about other places you should add to your "To Visit" List! Ready? Okay, vamos. Time to have fun!

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