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The Ultimate Packing List for Your Summer Adventures

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

The sun is shining bright, the days are longer, the BBQs are heating up, and the mosquitos are buzzing! It's official - summer is finally here, and it is HOT! Summer is typically the best time for families to travel as the kiddos are out of school. However, summer also means beach trips, smores nights, waterpark days, boat days, and summer hangouts! No matter what you do this summer, if you plan on doing something outside, make sure to be prepared before commencing your outdoor activities.

Colorful beach ball floating in a swimming pool

The Importance of Being Prepared

Scorching heat over a desert

During the summer months, temperatures rise, and the intense heat can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. UV radiation from the sun poses risks of sunburn, premature aging, and skin cancer. Moreover, insects like mosquitoes love to come out and play during the summer, and not only are they irritating, but can also transmit diseases. The good thing is that you can protect yourself from all of these by appropriately preparing yourself before enjoying a day out in the sun!

Ways to Prepare for Your Summer Adventures

Summer hangout in a backyard with friends. There is also a pool

Concerning the intense heat, it is essential to have lightweight, breathable clothing, and a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated. When it comes to UV rays, a high-SPF sunscreen is a must! Also, consider a canopy or umbrella if you are out in the open. Hats are a great way to shield your head, face, and sometimes neck from the sun. Another item to consider is lightweight, breathable clothing that covers your skin (long-sleeve) to protect it from the sun and minimize insect bites. On the topic of insects, insect repellent is essential for summer nights to prevent them from biting you. There is so much you can get at the store, Amazon, or wherever you shop to prepare you for the 'dangers' of summer.

Other Quick Summer Tips

Palm Trees giving shade on the beach

- Seek Shade: Take breaks in shaded areas during the hottest parts of the day to find relief from the intense heat and minimize the risk of sunburn
- Limit Sun and Heat Exposure: It is a good idea to go indoors to take a nap or have lunch during the hottest part of the day to relieve yourself from the intense heat and strong UV rays
- Apply Sunscreen Frequently: A misconception about sunscreen is that you can put it on right before you start your outdoor activity, and are good all day. Find the directions for your sunscreen on the back of the container. It will tell you how frequently you need to reapply, and it typically states to wait 15 minutes before you expose yourself to the sun or water after putting it on.

- Enjoy Seasonal Fruits and Veggies: Take advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables available during the summer. They are not only delicious but also help keep you hydrated and provide essential nutrients.
- Check the Weather Forecast before Going out: This will help you decide if you need additional items like a waterproof jacket or a travel umbrella. Moreover, depending on where you are enjoying your summer, you may also need a light jacket for the evenings when it gets a little cooler.

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The Absolute Essentials for this Summer Season

(Each product image below is a link to purchase the product on Amazon.)

- Sun Protection Clothing: My favorite is the Ladies UPF 50+ Sun Protection Lightweight Hoodie Jacket (top left image below). It is perfect over your bathing suit, sports bra, or regular shirt/tank top.

- Hats: Sunhats and Bucket Hats have great coverage for your head, face, and neck, but the Sunhat is usually more stylish! Baseball caps are also a great way to protect your head from direct UV rays. Typically the issue with regular ball caps is that people with long hair cannot place their bun or ponytail as high as they usually would due to the small opening in the back. However, the top middle hat is perfect for high ponytails and buns!

- Hydration: The best way to stay hydrated is by drinking plenty of water! If you are being active outside and sweating a lot, it is also important to replenish your electrolytes, and you can do this with Liquid IV. Moreover, a better alternative to water bottles is using a reusable bottle. I love my RTIC cups! They are insulated and keep my ice water nice and cold for hours, unlike a regular plastic water bottle.

- Sunscreen: In general it is a great idea to put on sunscreen every day since it is one of the easiest ways to protect your skin's appearance and health at any age. However, if you forget, at minimum, put some on when going outside for more than 15 minutes. It is also critical to read and listen to the directions in the back of the container to make sure you are applying and reapplying at the correct times. Doing so helps prevent sunburn, skin cancer, and premature aging.

On days I will be outside a lot but not going in a body of water, I will use the top 3 sunscreen products for my body, face, and lips, respectively. At a waterpark, pool, or the beach I use the two blue Coopertone sunscreens throughout the day, the Cetaphil Stick for my face, and the Sun Bum Lip Balm for my lips. (The first Neutrogena I use as a daily lotion rather than a water day lotion.) I added the other two for those who may have sensitive skin or babies.

- Insects: One of the most irritating things about summer is the excess amount of bugs and insects that come out to join in on the fun. Not only are they bothersome, but they can carry diseases. As such, bug spray and mosquito repellent bracelets are essential for your outdoor activities. The dry bug sprays are the way to go as they do not make you feel sticky or wet. The mosquito repellent bracelets are great to put on your ankles, plus they take up less space in your bag. If I am going somewhere outdoors during the evening, I never leave the house without bug spray. Another great option to mitigate these bugs and insects is the Thermacell Mosquito Repellent. We use this one at home, and it has been pretty helpful!

- Shade: In some places, it will be difficult to "seek shade" as one of the quick summer tips suggests, so you can always create shade with a beach umbrella or canopy!

- Items to Help you Cool Down: Personal fans, mister fans, and neck cooling towels can help you cool down in the summer heat for short periods. These will not compare to air conditioning but hopefully will help you regulate your body temperature some, so you do not overheat. We use the mister fans at Disney and the cooling neck towels when doing lawn work at home, and they both are so helpful!

- Items for Rainy Days: An emergency poncho will work great for a rainy, but they are not known for being reusable. As such, purchasing a lightweight rain jacket is the best alternative! They also serve as an extra layer for a chilly summer night. Another good thing to have is a travel umbrella for those mid-day rain showers.

- Other: Besides the essentials listed on top, here are a few other things you can purchase for your next summer adventure!

Enjoy your Summer Travel Plans and Safe Travels!

6 Mason Jars filled with fruit infused water and 1 twisty straw in each

This summer vacation packing list is a good way to prepare for your upcoming summer trip or, at least, your next trip outside during these warmer months. Moreover, there are plenty of things you can get to prepare yourself for your next summer activity, and the items can vary depending on the length of your trip and where you are going. * This list was made with the mindset of having an outdoor weekend at the beach, pool, waterpark, or backyard. *

A resort with a man made lake where people can paddle board and kayak with the ocean in the back

Wherever your summer travel destination is, we hope it's a great one! What are your favorite things to use to protect yourself from the heat, sun, and bugs? Let us know in the comments below! If you decide to purchase any of the above items, please consider using our affiliate links to help support the blog. Another way to help the blog is to share this article with your friends and family and follow us on Social Media! 😊

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