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Why Sail on Virgin Voyages Cruise Ships: A Review

Updated: May 8

Embark on a luxurious voyage with Virgin Voyages (VV), an adult-only cruise line departing from Miami, FL, and various ports worldwide. With a commitment to redefining cruising, VV offers unparalleled sophistication and indulgence for travelers seeking an escape from the ordinary. Join us as we explore Virgin Voyages' Lady Ships, where every moment is crafted to perfection and luxury knows no bounds.

The back / rear end of Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages stands out for its revolutionary "Always Included Luxury" package, which redefines the standards of cruising and disrupts cruise industry norms. Unlike traditional cruise lines, VV includes essential amenities such as food at all restaurants, essential drinks (i.e., soft drinks, non-pressed juices, regular coffee, and tea), Wi-Fi, entertainment, fitness classes, and gratuities in their cruise fare, setting a new benchmark for all-inclusive luxury. However, while many amenities are included, guests still have the option to indulge in premium beverages and pampering services for an extra charge.


U.S. Cruise Port: Port of Miami in Miami, FL at Terminal V
Nearest Parking Garage: Garage G - Long-Term Parking Rate is $22 per day

Upon arrival at the terminal, porters welcome you and eagerly assist with your luggage prior to entering into a stunning three-story building. The first floor greets you with captivating art patterns displayed on gigantic screens before you ascend to the second floor for registration.

Here, staff efficiently gather your information and provide a multifunctional bracelet, serving as your identification, room key card, and credit card. After registration, a quick elevator ride takes you to the third floor, where you will board the ship or relax in the spacious lounge as they prepare the ship for embarkation, pictured above.

As you embark, the ship's entertainment crew and a lively DJ welcome you aboard in the lobby, setting the stage for an unforgettable voyage with Virgin Voyages!


Virgin Voyages offers a range of luxurious accommodations, including three distinctive cabin types: Insider (Interior Cabin), Sea View (Ocean View), and Sea Terrace (Balcony Cabin), along with two exquisite suite options: RockStar Quarters and Mega RockStar Quarters. Designed to cater to every traveler's needs, Insider and Sea View cabins are perfect for solo adventurers, while all room types can comfortably accommodate up to four guests.

One of the standout features of Virgin Voyages' cabins is the inclusion of terraces, which provide breathtaking ocean views and a serene outdoor space to unwind. These balconies often feature a distinctive red hand-woven hammock chair, a signature touch unique to Virgin Voyages. The allure of this luxurious amenity drew us to book the Sea Terrace accommodation, where we indulged in moments of relaxation and tranquility. We highly recommend opting for a Sea Terrace for an unforgettable and luxurious cruise experience!

Virgin Voyages' cabins boast yet another remarkable feature: the Converting Sea Bed, designed to seamlessly transition between moments of relaxation and socializing. This innovative bed effortlessly transforms from a cozy sleeping space to an inviting L-shaped couch, providing the perfect setting to catch your breath and plan your next adventure without the worry of missing out on the onboard delights.

While the cabin and bathroom may be compact, Virgin Voyages excels in maximizing space and functionality. Thoughtfully installed closet organizers and ample storage options ensure a clutter-free environment - while the carefully laid-out room layout facilitates easy maneuverability, enhancing the overall comfort and convenience of your cruise experience.


Virgin Voyages offers an abundance of entertainment options to ensure you are thoroughly entertained throughout your voyage!

A few of the Shows they have are:

- untitleddanceshowpartything, the best way to describe this show is energetic, intriguing, lively, unpredictable, and that it will keep you on your feet! It was our favorite show! You can find this show on Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady.
- Duel Reality was an engaging, interpretive dance performance similar to Romeo and Juliet but modernized, video below. This show is available on Scarlet Lady and the Valiant Lady.

- Festival Stage Acts: Experience a rotation of comedians, magicians, and specialty artists delivering unique performances that promise laughter, awe, and unforgettable moments through comedy, music, and audience participation. You can find this show on Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady.
- Miss Behave Show: Experience an unpredictable game show where you will win points, lose points, and surprise yourself every time. Hosted by charismatic guides, anticipate a grand finale like never before, keeping you entertained and guessing until the very end. This show is available on Resilient Lady and Valiant Lady.
- Another Rose: Experience an unforgettable blend of acrobatics and immersive theater in this unique love story and celebratory dinner party. This sensory feast combines cabaret and theater for a truly immersive experience guided by your hostess. You can find this show on Resilient Lady.
- Never Sleep Alone - this show encompasses why VV is an adult-only cruise. As we approached our tables, we were greeted with condoms and a masquerade mask - Unfortunately, Never Sleep Alone ended its first season in May 2023. However, it may return in the future.

Happenings Crew and Virgin Voyages' dancers dancing during Scarlet Night in the spiral staircase

Other Forms of Entertainment

- Nightly Parties at The Manor: Immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife of The Manor, Virgin Voyages' luxurious nightclub, featuring themed events such as a PJ dance party, Scarlet Night (pictured above), live music, and other exciting themed nights.
- The Social Club Diner: Enjoy a delightful array of entertainment options, including a complimentary arcade featuring vintage games, a foosball table, air hockey tables, table shuffleboard, and a selection of board games for endless fun and nostalgia.
- The Groupie: Private karaoke rooms where you can unleash your inner rockstar with your party. We really let loose and had a great time in The Groupie singing Livin' La Vida Loca, Hakuna Matata, and so on!

The cardio side of the gym on Scarlet Lady Virgin Voyages

- The Gym: Experience a unique fitness setup aboard Virgin Voyages, where the gym is divided into two sections: cardio and free-weights/machines, located on each horizontal side of the ship. Enjoy breathtaking ocean views as you work out, with a Gym & Tonic Bar conveniently situated in the middle. Plus, take advantage of the outdoor pool for a refreshing post-workout dip.
     - The gym also offers group fitness classes, but some are difficult to get into as the class sizes are small considering there are approximately 2,000 people onboard. They also have a boxing ring, running track, and basketball court.
- A Casino: Enjoy a variety of slots and table games onboard. What sets this casino apart is its non-smoking policy, allowing you to indulge in gaming without the discomfort of secondhand smoke, whether you are playing or simply passing through.

These are just a glimpse of the exceptional entertainment offerings Virgin Voyages provides - to truly experience it all, you will have to embark on a voyage yourself!


Throughout the day, do not forget to pause and admire the serene and awe-inspiring views of the water. Whether it is the tranquil hues of sunrise or the vibrant colors of sunset, the vistas are truly breathtaking. Virgin Voyages offers numerous vantage points across the decks, with Promenade Deck 16 being particularly for providing the perfect spot to sit back, relax, and soak in the beauty of the surroundings.

Photo Spots

Prepare to capture unforgettable moments at the numerous picture-perfect spots onboard. Be sure to bring your favorite outfits for those Instagrammable moments! Among my favorite photo spots aboard the Scarlet Lady are:

1. Stepping into The Manor's dazzling mirrored entryway, where every corner beckons for model-worthy snapshots!
2. The charming oasis on Deck 7 near the Grounds Club, featuring four circular signs bearing the words "Live, Breath, Love, and Laugh," each accompanied by its own swing.
3. Finally, do not miss the entrance to Pink Agave, adorned with large silver bubbles against a mesmerizing white-lighted backdrop.

Other Onboard Experiences

DLT! behind a DJ booth in a vinyl store in Scarlet Lady Virgin Voyages

Experience the unparalleled onboard amenities of Virgin Voyages, including the exclusive Squid Ink tattoo parlor - a standout feature that sets this cruise line apart. Adjacent to Squid Ink, indulge in a range of services at the onboard barbershop, hair salon, MAC cosmetic store, and vinyl shop with a DJ booth. In addition to these unique offerings, guests can explore duty-free shops and unwind at the Redemption Spa, ensuring a truly immersive and unforgettable cruise experience.

Dining Options

Indulge in a variety of dining options onboard Virgin Voyages, where over 20 eateries await to tantalize your taste buds. From the experimental creations of the Test Kitchen to the vibrant flavors of Korean BBQ and red hot Mexican fare, every culinary desire is catered to, and it is all included in the price of your cruise. With menus crafted by Michelin-starred chefs such as Brad Farmerie and Sohui Kim, expect a world-class dining experience that rivals the best restaurants on land.

Say goodbye to traditional buffets and the main dining room as Virgin Voyages opts for intimate dining spaces that minimize waste and enhance the overall dining experience. Whether you are craving breakfast from the 24/7 diner or a late-night slice from The Pizza Place, their late-night options ensure that your culinary journey never stops. With an emphasis on fresh ingredients and made-to-order cooking, their eateries offer everything from beloved food truck favorites to lavish ten-course feasts, ensuring that every craving is satisfied.

Some of the restaurants you will find onboard are as follows:

- Razzle Dazzle - Vegetarian and Vegan-Forward Restaurant
- Pink Agave - Elevated Mexican Cuisine
- The Wake - Steak and Seafood
- Gunbae - Korean BBQ
- Extra Virgin - Elevated Italian Cuisine
- The Test Kitchen - Experimental Dining
- The Galley - Dining Hall
- Room Service and more

The place setting from Extra Virgin with the Menu in the foreground. With text on the image that reads Your Guide to Dining on Virgin Voyages Cruise Ships
For more information, on dining options on a Virgin Voyages cruise, check out my blog post, Your Guide to Dining on Virgin Voyages Cruise Ships!


Virgin Voyages mostly has European, South Pacific, Transatlantic, and Caribbean itineraries! Some of the popular itineraries include:

- French Daze & Ibiza Nights from Barcelona, Spain
- Greek Island Glow from Piraeus (Athens), Greece
- Melbourne Magic and Sydney Shores from Melbourne to Sydney in Australia
- Western Caribbean Charm from Miami, Florida
- Southeastern Caribbean Isles from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Check out the Virgin Voyages website for a complete listing of what itineraries are offered, on which ship, when, and how much.

My Review

DLT! in the entryway of the Manor in a sparkly mirrored room

We embarked on a Thanksgiving Week cruise with Virgin Voyages in 2022, and it was truly unforgettable! From the incredibly kind and attentive crew members to the outstanding entertainment and spectacular dining options, every moment was a delight. Our stateroom attendant was exceptional, always ensuring our comfort with thoughtful touches like chilled water each evening.

While the main pool was a bit small and lacked water slides, the ship offered endless exploration and fun activities. In short, the overall experience on Virgin exceeded our expectations! As such, Virgin Voyages has quickly become my favorite cruise line, surpassing even well-known competitors like Princess, Norwegian, and Disney. I cannot wait to see if it maintains its top spot after our next adventure with Royal Caribbean!

Time to Sail Away

Embarking on a Virgin Voyages cruise promises a journey filled with unparalleled luxury, excitement, and unique experiences. From the seamless embarkation process at the Port of Miami to the breathtaking views and entertainment onboard, every aspect of the voyage is carefully crafted to delight and surprise guests.

Whether indulging in the lavish amenities, enjoying world-class entertainment, or exploring the innovative onboard features like Squid Ink tattoo parlor, Virgin Voyages offers an unforgettable escape from the ordinary. Prepare to set sail on a voyage like no other, where every moment is an opportunity to create lifelong memories and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Check out my other Virgin Voyages blog post!

Beach view at the The Beach Club at Bimini with text on the image that reads: What to do on the Dominican Daze Itinerary on Virgin Voyages

What to do on the Dominican Daze Itinerary on Virgin Voyages - Discover the excitement of Virgin Voyages cruises with unforgettable experiences off the ship on the Dominican Daze sailing itinerary!

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